Oh My Ghost Episode 12 Written Preview

This is my current drama-crack. I’m just an avid fan of msclockwatcher that I truly enjoyed reading her thoughts. Then it came to a point that I had to understand more about it. I had an urge to take a peek, and the next thing I know I was already watching Episode 9. I haven’t slept enough since Wednesday this week because of the marathon watching. I’m back to being an addict again and it feels so good!

I was able to watch Episode 11 raw and I loved every second of it. While we wait for msclockwatcher’s thoughts for this week, here is the text preview with translation for tonight’s Episode 12.

순애의 다이어리를 보고 봉선이 의심스러운 성재는 밤에 봉선을 찾아간다. 

한편, 선우와 데이트를 하는 봉선은 선우와 행복하면서도 마음 한켠이 불편하게 느껴지는데…

Having shown her feelings for Sun-Woo, Soon-Ae decides to take her leave. Listening to the Shaman’s advice, Soon-Ae finally makes up her mind to go through the spiritual rites. After seeing Soon-Ae’s diary, Sung-Jae begins to be suspicious of Bong-Sun and looks for her at night.

Meanwhile, while on a date with Sun-Woo, Bong-Sun feels  extremely happy being together with him but her heart is also filled with a sense of uneasiness.





























In the preview looks like our couple is heading to Namsan Tower! I am simply watching this show with nothing but love on mind. I’m prepared to be showered with more sweetness tonight!


Full Credits: tvN | MinLyn of Oh My Ghost Soompi Thread

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