“I Remember You” Episode 15 Preview w/ Eng Subs

Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun. We’re in the final week and I have to commend the writers for keeping things interesting despite their inability to write twists… or perhaps they are just too good at foreshadowing because was anyone shocked that the young cop was shady? Nope. Because they’d already hinted at it in a previous episode when he left his name off a list.

Anyway, Lee Hyun now has 100% confirmation that Lee Joon Ho is really psycho killer Lee Joon Young. A psycho killer who’s not only brilliant but also delusional enough to fantasize that he could live happily with the brothers.

Cutest scene of the week goes to Lee Hyun explaining to Ji An how much she means to him. Aww- her number can’t be calculated.

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, Lee Joon Young is a jealous, manipulative egomaniac so I can’t wait till he’s in handcuffs. I also don’t buy his innocent act. He claims not to understand why his kindness such as gifting Ji An with her father’s remains on her birthday wouldn’t make her happy, kind of like his awful childhood limits his understanding of the world but then this is the same guy who lied to Min about his brother in order to manipulate him then turns around and acts like he doesn’t understand why they’d hate him for separating them. Piss off.

Unfortunately, there’s no adequate punishment – incarceration or even death – that can be meted out to him to fit all the crimes he’s committed. Life is not fair.

Anyway, here’s the preview:

Looks interesting. Let’s hope the ties that bind Joon Young and Min is nothing makjang.

Credit: KBS, Onur Erdem 3@YT


  • deana says:

    there is something that I am curious is on how lee hyeon’s mother died?because previously tsomeone said lee hyeon always erase bad memories..or did I miss that part?

  • nahaluk says:

    They were hinting something, but never followed through. I was curious as to why Hyeon lost his memories the first time around and what in that situation led his father to think of him as a psychopath.

  • Sydney says:

    I thought Hyeon lost his memories the first time when he was running about his brother. I also wanted more of a classification about how did his mom die. His father made me mad when he assumed, never asking his son, what did he talk to you about. Was there a secret. But instead he yelled at him and kind of shielded him from the world & his brother who was feeling abandoned.

  • Academycute101 says:

    Someone from another site said they were glad that the writers do not do any foreshadowing because that way things didn’t go in a round about way and the story moved along smoothly and things didn’t seem rushed, or things were going at a snails pace. They also metioned that they liked that we as the audience now a little more than the characters and we see how and when they figure things out and we aren’t as clueless as the characters. I completly agreed with them.

  • mary of bethany says:

    Behold, I was shapen in iniquitie: and in sinne did my mother conceiue me.- Psalms 51:5.
    while many just swooned upon PBG’s soulful eyes n fine acting. i do not object to give that PBG a KBS award. But, i do not think he really deserve a truly “happy” ending, unscathed.. just because it was acted so excellently by one splendid actor who happened to be more handsome than any EXO members.. doesn’t rid the fact that he did kill 9 (be it true that most of those 9 victims did “throw” someone away, doesn’t make them one sense deserved to be murdered.)… any of the 9, if not all, will always has someone to mourn their demise forever, no matter how lousy a person is, we don’t play GOD and kill him to save the world of one less baddies. let the Law of the Land put the baddies behind bars, else, just let GOD HIMSELF cast baddies into eternal hell fire (which is the ultimate punishment for Evil).
    for all has sinned, cometh short of the glory of GOD. when we are born, we already started to think crocked ways and sinned., while some repent and take on righteous in life. some just let the Self took controlled.
    Note the differences between the senior Evil and the Junior Evil. while senior one is more cooked up in his brain, he was Made into the situation by birth, lack education and parental nurture, zero friends (save the girl who released him. ) but Min, i offer lesser sympathy, since he was basking in family’s tender loving care, with his Hyung willing to take on his Monster identity to shelter him. even without LJY interference, he was already nut in brain, drawing Hyras and killing dog….
    The most unlikely monster: HYUN. Hyun may be different as a gift child, may have even killed his mom accidentally, but thru his whole life he IS 100% clear, he does NOT want to be a monster. after going thru all the tragedy of broken family, both he and JI-An (separately alone), fight on in their humanity, and no playing GOD to take revenge and punish whosoever Great Evil and never plan to save the World by killing Evil.
    the only Happy Ending i can see ahead: is to have first, Hyun and J-An persuade Min to wake up and turn himself in (realizing should not kill because it is wrong to kill, and not just trying to please Hyung), and Hyun and Ji-An forgive LJY (and move on in life) after he realised his mistake and apologised (which i think not possible), and serve Life sentence. and i really don’t wish to see Hyun at last moment need to choose between Min and JI-An. LJY may preferred to take his own life, K-drama always ends its so.
    with this note, i truly conclude, the Writer owe it to Hyun, as much as Ji-An. to let them fulfill what they were meant to be since childhood: partners, in this sense, PARTNER FOR LIFE. For with Min, he is always the active Giver, much to his own indulgence, but with Ji-an, he can enjoy a Giver and a Taker relationship, and Ji-An sacrificed enough for him, she has comes a long way……..
    so, let Ji-An be his Alpha and his Omeg, (Min can filled in in-between).

    • kalel says:

      Hyun and JiAn have a lot of healing to do, together or not. They’re both in need of psychological help in order to go through a ,more or less, normal life. “Partners for life” is something difficult and yet not impossible for people who had similar hardships in life. Min will probably be in jail for life after getting rid of his “uncle” and LJY (a.k.a. “his uncle”) if not killed by Min, he’s facing capital punishment anyway (he’s one very, very dangerous serial killer with no signs of remorse whatsoever).
      Psychological evaluation on Min is very useful as long as he has not crossed the Rubicon yet. In real cases, serial killers are not irreversible by that age, I’m afraid and they need to be confined. But let’s hope usual kdrama tropes can spare us the agony. Too much real life is painful sometimes. And that goes to too much theological approach as well!
      BTW, I think you mean D.O is the EXO-member…the one who was LJY’s young version,right? Not PBG…

  • mary of bethany says:

    Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me. (Psalms 51:5)
    (correction to above post)

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