“The Time We Were Not In Love”: Lee Jin Wook Plans To Fly Out + Episode 14 Written Preview


I was pretty satisfied with episode 13, and given the improved ratings, it seems the domestic viewers were also happy with the new developments. The show has a great appreciation for the foundation of the OTP’s love for each other, but it is a story told before with no high concept and seemingly superficial fiery stakes, reasons why some are more invested in seeing them together and gloss over the nuanced (and realistic) emotional mechanisms driving the characters’ momentary bad choices. As we discussed in our roundtable, those mistakes—namely, Seo Hoo’s presence—are a necessary evil. For Ha Na to realize that Won is the greatest love of her life, she’ll have to get over Seo Hoo first with no regrets, and that means getting back together with him to get the closure she didn’t get three years ago. Heh, I hope that explanation makes sense. Although it’s emotionally stressful, it also helps her that Won has a newfound courage and actively let her in on his secret. How do you start a revolution if you’re just going to quietly complain, right? So, yay to Won for shaking Ha Na up.

Won has faced his truth, but when will Ha Na? Will it be during this airport scene? What’s going on here?



Won is at the airport, out of uniform and wearing street clothes. His face is stern and determined as he grips his luggage. Is he flying out somewhere? Does he plan to leave Ha Na and move on? If so, will Ha Na have time to stop him?

Ha Na appears to be going after him. She clutches her phone while looking shocked. She seems desperate as she looks around. She also seems to have something in her hand or is she just twiddling her fingers.

Based on the hand-holding moment in the preview, maybe this airport scene will come early in the episode and they’ll finally be a couple … and maybe we can jam lots of couple’s moments before the hour is over? 😉


Episode 14 Written Preview, c/o minnie0103 from Soompi

Ha Na thinks it’s difficult to act according to feelings. She watches Seo Hoo’s performance, but she seems determined to leave to see Won. Seeing Ha Na’s empty seat, Seo Hoo immediately stops his performance and runs [after her]. Meanwhile, Dae Bok’s mom finds Won’s scipt in Ha Na’s room.



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