“Oh My Ghost” Week 6 Thoughts

I love this show. When you ignore the elephant in the room and forget about whom should be with whom because A is dead and B’s body is alive but her spirit is missing etc etc, it’s a freaking enjoyable show. And I have to say that I really loved these two episodes. Other than making me laugh my ass off, I loved the character and plot developments and how emotionally engaging they were. I felt for the characters this week. It’s like the writer read last week’s entry and addressed every issue I had. And I have to say that I love that Bong Sun was front and center in Episode 12 because I’ve finally begun to think of her as more than SunSoon’s vessel.

Love triangle aside, this week’s episodes made me laugh so hard. For starters, how shameless was Sun Woo’s mom for wishing she were younger so that she could have her way with Joon? LOL. Not that I blame her. For me, it’s Joon before anyone else.

I don’t know if I could stand Min Soo in real life but I so love what he brings to the show. He’s such a pathetic bully that it’s hard to be mad at him.I burst out laughing when he said he’d cut his balls off if Bong Sun was dating Chef and when he got mad at Joon for not stopping him from picking on her. Plus how he began to kiss her ass once the truth was revealed.

Other hilarious moments were when Chef threw away the lollipop when he learned it was from Min Soo (was that ad-libbed?) and SunSoon’s fantasy makeover scene. LOL. Sorry, Soon Ae, you’d need to sign up for a run-of-the-mill rom-com to get that scene.

And when Chef tried to punch away his sexual frustration? Omo, I was practically rolling on the floor. Poor thing.

Sung Jae. Sung Jae. Sung Jae. Can someone get rid of this evil spirit already? We’re all here feeling sorry for Soon Ae, Bong Sun and Sun Woo but Eun Hee is the worst off of all. I was a little worried by the assaulted cop’s attitude, thinking that he already forgotten about the watch but was glad to see that it’s still on his mind. He’s probably playing it cool so Sung Jae doesn’t realize that he’s on to him. That demon is really good at keeping tabs on his potential victims with his fake friendliness and I wonder how much it hurts his soul (if he has one) to play that mild-mannered nice guy persona. He’s been slipping lately, though, so I wonder if he’s just about had it. Ordinarily, jail would be the solution but I hope the writer comes up with a way to vanquish this thing permanently. I got the heebie jeebies when he cut his own palm. Ugh. Disappear already!

Who else almost felt like dying when SunSoon sought him out to present evidence refuting Soon Ae’s suicide? I screamed “NO!” I hate that Soon Ae had to watch him beat (kill?) that man but I’m glad that it clarified things for her that he’s dangerous and is trying to kill Bong Sun. She now needs to figure out why and stop him. Fighting!

Now for the romance. We’re currently at the point in the drama where all characters realize – rather acutely – that as wonderful as love feels, it can also hurt.

Regardless of how this ends, one thing I love about this drama is that we got to see SunSoon and Sun Woo’s love blossom while they were in a relationship. More often than not, 16-24 episode dramas usually follow what I’d call the “Jane Austen romance” prototype. What I mean is that it’s usually about the journey to love and the story often ends when the characters overcome their obstacles and agree to love each other.

I personally lose interest when the couple is finally together and there are like six more episodes to go. What more is there to see? But I feel like this show was able to circumvent that problem because SunSoon and SunWoo can’t end up together so there has to be more to see.  And I’m grateful for that because I got to enjoy their relationship struggles and watch them fight and compromise to keep their love going.

This week, I really enjoyed their failed sex, his cute description of his ideal woman, his jealousy and how cute he was making up with her. I also loved that he got them couple rings. He’s fully committed, isn’t he?

I definitely agree with him that these arguments help foster their love. They are so cute.

Anyway, Chef got mad at SunSoon for paying attention to Joon (and who else laughed at his incredulity that moans could be part of discussing personal business? Omo, I rewound it several times!) which led to him sending her on an errand and Soon Ae stumbling upon something more important than romance – her death. We learned that Evil Sung Jae staged her murder as a suicide.

But just because Soon Ae is now on the trail of her real grudge doesn’t mean she’s over her love. When she witnesses Chef about to plant a wet one on Bong Sun, her evil side makes an appearance and she pushes her away.

It’s a true test of character because it makes her reexamine her feelings and she realizes that she’s gotten in too deep with him. Life is for the living and if she continues to covet what isn’t hers, she will definitely cross over to the dark side. She can’t let that happen so she does the right thing and backs off.

On the other hand, Bong Sun – who still presumably has many years ahead of her – finally gets to live. As the Pringles ad goes, “once you pop, you can’t stop” and after a taste of Chef’s love, she can’t give it up despite acknowledging that Soon Ae loves him. She will be selfish just this once and put her needs above the ghost’s feelings.

But gosh, how adorable is Chef in love? I, too, would have run into his arms.

But not everyone is comfortable being a thief. She’s on Cloud 9 when they exchange secret texts and when Chef pays attention to her and believes in her. I was happy that she struggled but didn’t give up and succeeded in making the eggplant dish.

Chef was amazing when he protected her from that awful director and revealed to everyone that they were a couple. She’s happy. It feels great but then she’s doing things she wouldn’t ordinarily do like eating blood sausage stew that doesn’t agree with her stomach because he’s excited to feed it to the woman he likes or going with him to Namsan Tower because it’s a place Soon Ae wanted to visit. She begins to feel uneasy because it’s clear that she’s experiencing love that is not hers.

But when he tells her that he was most touched when Soon Ae was there for him at his toughest moment, she realizes that she can’t be happy receiving someone else’s love and comes clean.

YES! This is all I’ve wanted. Tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. This is what separates both Bong Sun and Soon Ae from Sung Jae. Soon Ae knows Bong Sun’s body and life aren’t hers so she backs off. Bong Sun realizes that Soon Ae’s love isn’t hers and she backs off. Sung Jae doesn’t give a crap that the body, life and love aren’t his and does everything he can to hold on to something that doesn’t belong to him.

I’m proud of both girls.

Sun Woo has gone through a lot of change. He’s dealt with his childhood issues – he’s giddily eating rice! He’s gotten over a long standing crush. He’s opened his heart to loving someone he never thought he could love and finds joy in making her happy. He’s blissfully doing things he’d never thought he would and is grateful to have SunSoon in his life. The problem is, that woman doesn’t exist… or should I say, can’t exist for much longer. I don’t know how he’ll wrap his head around what Bong Sun just confessed but I’m really curious about how he will handle it. If I were him, I would run for the hills but luckily for everyone, he’s not me.

My fantasy would be for Soon Ae to possess Bong Sun again and explain her side of the story. I want him to be mad when she confesses that she wanted to use his body to end her grudge. I want him to be upset when she tells him that Sung Jae is gunning for Bong Sun. I want all three of them to work together to get that demon away from Eun Hee and have him pay for his sins.

Then I want him to forgive Soon Ae and thank her for changing his life. Obviously, theirs is a love that can never be so I want them to have a bittersweet goodbye with both cherishing the brief moment they loved each other.

I don’t want Sun Woo to then fall in love with a different soul in Bong Sun’s body. That shit just doesn’t make much sense to me. Now that he and So Hyung have loved and lost, perhaps they’ve become perfect for each other. And I want Bong Sun to get more confident in her cooking and take Soon Ae’s place at her father’s restaurant, transforming it in the process.

However, the writers keep stringing us along with Bong Sun/Sun Woo, having him tell her he likes her in her neutral state (despite falling in love with her in a different one) so I’m expecting a happy ending (or beginning) for them and I can live with that.

But speaking of So Hyung, I am not quite sure what her role is in this drama but I like that she’s as cool as everyone says and is supporting Sun Woo with another woman. But honestly, the drama is full of cool characters, isn’t it? Joon is doing the same thing and even Kyung Mo has moved on now that he believes that Bong Sun is with Chef. It’s like they all get jealous then face facts and become cheerleaders… all but Sun Woo. Because I don’t think he’d have been able to cheer Bong Sun on with Joon. As he said, he’s a very petty man.

I know he didn’t just shoulder-check my Joon! Grow up, Chef. Or don’t because it totally cracked me up.

Anyway, the ratings hit 4% this week so it looks like Korean viewers are as intrigued with this drama as I am. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Chef, how will you live?


  • Teleri says:

    The writers have shown all along that Chef there likes Bong Sun’s personality – not her hide-away shy insecure public one but her REAL one, the one on her BLOG. He’s shown & said several times that although he likes & appreciates Soon Ae as Bong Sun, he’s real relieved when she returns to her ‘neutral’ self.
    Which is fantastic cause otherwise this would end up a very bitter-sweet sad little drama & I don’t want it to!

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      It’s a Korean drama so I fully expect him to say her most impressive moment was when she caught the robber etc etc and then he’ll learn that she’s the blogger and they’ll hint at a happy ending for them. I guess I’ll need to watch a Jdrama for my bittersweet ending. LOL

    • Cianny says:

      I actually have a high expectation. I was expecting a happy ending but still with Sun Woo and Soon Ae. What about reincarnation? Truthfully, only an insane out of this world ending like giving Soon Ae another body just like Bong Sun would satisfy *sigh* show, I should’ve prepared myself for this ending.

  • frankie says:

    Who is to say that Sun Woo wouldn’t have fallen in love with Bong Sun even without the interference from Soon Ae? The main thing that has happened for Bong Sun is she is no longer living in constant fear of ghosts and is able to be a live more freely. I love how Soon Ae has boosted her confidence and given her positive self-talk ‘you can do this Bong Sun, hwaiting ‘. I think once Bong Sun started living like this, Sun Woo would have fallen for her anyway – they are so similar, have shared childhood experiences, have shared passion for food, etc. I find Soon Ae both the catalyst for bringing them together (freeing Bong Sun) and the catalyst for keeping them apart, and that is what I find so interesting about this drama. Truly wonderful acting by both Park Bo Young and Kim Seul Gi.

  • leila108 says:

    Clock, I laughed the hardest during that moaning scene too! Sun Woo is cute when he’s jealous. I am crazily in love with Jo Jung Seok right now.

    Anyhoo, since I marathon this like there’s no tomorrow, I felt like the story was more than just Sun Woo loving Soon Ae or Bong Sun. I believe for him he’s been in love with one woman as she is, manic or not. It’s not like his feelings change when a switch happens. Just that to us, we can see two girls and we know the difference. I had a great time knowing Soon Ae and she totally transformed Sun Woo into a man with potential to love, not just a coward who waits for love and does nothing about it. I think Sun Woo’s love for Na Bong Sun will be tested now that she revealed the truth. He has time to figure out if what he feels is true. Just like what you’ve said, love hurts.

    I’m just enjoying the story without worries. I’m all in for the journey ahead 🙂

  • ummi74_ says:

    Finally, I found a review that favorable for me. And I like your fantasy about how’s this drama should end.

  • CEC says:

    Your review are the best! This OMG is different from other kdrama that after the OTP resolve their love-finding obstacles, the writer would add-on for the rest of the episode which the fun already vanished.
    And tvN, as far as their drama that i’ve watched (Heart to Heart and Reply 1994), can always make a lovable lead actor. I really love the last scene in the cable car when Chef said “Don’t cry. Just tell me..” confused yet so calm and the wiping-Bong Sun’s-tears hand gesture is so natural (well, we do hope he will release his anger towards all that madness later). But despite their temper, TvN portrayed those men can be so loving to the girl they chose. Go Chef-Bong!

  • maddymappo says:

    I was happy Bong Sun told SW the truth. Although she is painfully shy, that took moral courage. It has taken a long time but finally SA is actually sticking around to help someone else. Her obnoxious ghost self was just trying to satisfy her own lack of fulfillment in the world (with some exception for her father). I do not agree others that SA helped BS. If she did. it was only from cleaning up from the aftermath of SA’s selfish grab for SW. SA, I think will redeem her life and be able to move on painlessly, because of her efforts to clean up the mess she made and save Bong Sun from SJ.

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