“The Time We Were Not In Love” BTS Video Of Lee Jin Wook & Ha Ji Won’s Kiss In Episode 14 (UPDATED)

Since episode 14, K-drama threads for The Time We Were Not In Love have been lighting up! And there won’t be much rest for these threads, particularly on Soompi, since SBS released the BTS video of the kiss. That kiss has been viewed and repeated many times, and without a question, this BTS is fated to the same treatment. LOL.

Ha Ji Won is clearly a professional because whether an industry veteran or not, I certainly would have been blushing in her shoes. As for Lee Jin Wook, he seemed genuinely excited to be filming the kiss. Apparently, while shooting this scene, the director had to call cut since Jin Wook was smiling so much that his teeth were showing during the kiss. LOL. A minor quibble would be that Ha Ji Won didn’t pucker her lips more, but it’s still a good kiss for the camera 🙂 Meanwhile, my major beef is with the director for calling cut on the scene which should have gone on longer! LOL.

There have been times when this drama was flat, but I don’t think the same can be said about the chemistry, and Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won might be in my top 3 favorite pairings of the year 😀





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