“The Time We Were Not In Love” Episode 15 Video & Written Previews (UPDATED)

It seems everything is resolved between Ha Na and Won, and we might just be in for two final episodes of fan service. Anybody object? There sure won’t be any from The Ohs. Mama Oh’s so happy that the smile on her face is threatening to wrap around her head. It has taken 17 years for Ha Na and Won to become lovers, so, I’m not at all against closing this weekend with mostly sweet OTP scenes. Heh. Give me lots of very romantically corny Won! And Ha Na will now be wearing his necklace all the time! Woot!

This show never aimed to be intellectually deep, but I think the goal was to tell an emotionally relatable love story. There were so-so conflicts and emotional struggles that had us sympathizing for the characters, but mostly, it has been a fun and nuanced journey for our leads.

I’m going to miss my weekends with this show and its other fans; on the one hand, I won’t have to wake up early to do live scapping after this. LOL.

I. CAN’T. WAIT!!!!



Episode 15 Video Preview Translations, c/o whiteangel25 from Soompi

Won: Why aren’t there any “I love yous” or heart emoticons?

Ha Na: I started dating a friend whom I’ve known for a long time. What are we going to do if we break up?

Mi Hyang: Yah! First date properly and passionately before you worry about those kinds of things.

Won to The Ohs: Ha Na and I, we want to date [properly].

Friend: I knew these kids would end up like this!

Won: Is it?

Ha Na: There definitely must be a lot of things we didn’t know about each other, right?

Won: That’s why whenever I find out something like that, my heart would really flutter.

Ha Na: Will we be able to do well?


Episode 15 Written Preview, c/o dawnshine, ferlycious, & minnie from Soompi

After confirming their feelings for each other at the airport, Won goes to Paris as planned. Because they miss each other, they forget about the time zone difference. When Won returns from his trip, Ha Na finds the ring in his room. Since their relationship is different now, they are initially awkward, but soon enough, they start kissing naturally like other loving couples.

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