“The Time We Were Not Love”: Ha Ji Won & Lee Jin Wook Turn Up The Sexy Romance


These stills are giving me a flip-flopping sensation in my stomach!

Fans ordered up fan service, and this drama’s production seems to be delivering them in truck loads!

I don’t think there’s any doubt that there will be a lot of lovey-dovey moments from episode 15 that we’ll be repeatedly watching, but the [PG-13] action in Won’s room might be the most viewed in the next 24 hours. Heehee. I hope nothing interrupts this intimate moment between Ha Na and Won. They are 34 years old, and they’ve had to stifle the sexual tension between them for 17 years, so, I am expecting this scene to be steamy!

Considering Won will be out of the country for a few months (according to the text preview), then this scene might be after he returns to Korea, and maybe this is when Ha Na finds the ring. Here’s my scenario: After his proposal and she says yes, they get it on! 😛




Source  |  Newsen




  • riya says:

    I might watch this episode for this hot chemistry alone! 😉
    I’m sure CK will upload the video..heh 🙂

  • Dora says:

    I cannot wait for this ep, will check it tomorrow morning after it’s been subbed. I stopped counting the number of times I replayed the kiss scene at the end of Ep. 14.

  • Kdrama no longer a newbie says:

    This show should go another 6 episodes. These writers n producers always rush the ending. I luv luv this show…the progress of the relationship is so good. The tension, chemistry, friendship amazing. I want to see more of what happens…what are they like as a married couple, whst about their family life n friendships.

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