“The Time We Were Not In Love”: Ha Ji Won Is All Wrapped Up In Lee Jin Wook


Since there’s only the finale left and it seems they’re still in the middle of filming, I expected production to no longer share any new stills, but this is one of the few times I’m glad I’m wrong! 🙂

Ever since they’ve confirmed their feelings for each other, there has been an explosion of physical contact between Ha Na and Won. Next episode, the lovers will be up on their well-lit hideout, and Won will be giving Ha Na a tight so hug there’s no chance for her to get away. LOL. Gaaah! I really wish Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won would hook up for real! Jin Wook seems to be really loving this inescapable cuddle, and Ji Won probably had a giggle fit during this scene. 🙂 I hope a BTS video of this scene (and that steamy magic in Won’s room) will be available for our viewing pleasure because I don’t want this to be my last post on this show. *Sniff* I’m not ready to let go yet! 🙁



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