“The Time We Were Not In Love”: Lee Jin Wook & Ha Ji Won’s Marriage Talk With The Ohs


This might be the last new batch of spoiler stills we’ll be getting from the production of The Time We Were Not In Love. I was hoping it would be a set of wedding photos, but at least, the spirit of the upcoming matrimony between Ha Na and Won is somewhat present in this scene.

As seen in the preview, Won will be discussing marriage and a proposal with Ha Na’s parents during a meal at their house. Won has a cool and firm gaze but later smiles during the talk while Ha Na is surprised at some point. What’s causing this reaction from our female lead? Even Mama Oh and Dae Bok are taken aback … In any case, a wedding will be on, and Papa Oh has clearly been in a rush to get them hitched. 🙂



Source  |  Xportsnews


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