“Oh My Ghost” Week 7 Thoughts

Like I say every week, I enjoyed this week’s episodes.

Last week left us with Bong Sun confessing it all to Sun Woo. He reacted realistically, thinking that she made up a tall tale to end things but when Soon Ae moved a chair and touch his face, he finally believed her.

I felt like that recoil would be enough to make Soon Ae face facts but she still has feelings. But then again, it’s not easy to turn them off.

I wish they would explain the rules of her abilities to us because it seems like she only easily moves objects when the plot calls for it.

Now, onto this bad romance.  While Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk practically set the screen on fire anytime they share a scene, I can’t pretend that something wasn’t missing for me this week. As entertaining as it was, it is difficult for me to be affected by the angst between Bong Sun and Sun Woo when they have no real love story. Yes, she always liked him. And he recognized himself in her. They have a lot of things in common. She’s the ying to his yang. He loves her blog. Their bodies perfectly match etc etc… but we never watched them fall in love. It’s impossible for me to be invested in their love story without that key ingredient.

So when he aches for her, I can’t help but think that he’s aching for the person he fell for. And when she cries about loving and wanting to be with him, I can’t help but think that she’s in love with a fantasy. Then the show gets a little weird when we see him fall harder for Bong Sun when she’s acting more “manic.”

Some may say that it just means that he loves all sides of her which I can accept for the purpose of enjoying the show even if I disagree. I think this romance is more acceptable to viewers because Park Bo Young played both parts. If SunSoon had been played by Kim Seul Gi, I believe there’d be more outrage.  But it’s not a big deal. How else could the story have ended? I do think his behavior is realistic because falling for a ghost would freak anyone out. Thus, it makes sense that he would want to move past it as quickly as possible. Even if Bong Sun isn’t the girl he fell for, he realizes that he could still love her. And can we really be mad that two lonely people are no longer lonely? Yes, he dropped Soon Ae like a hot potato but he did the same with So Hyung.

I understand why the writer got carried away with the SunSoon/Sun Woo romance because writing for that character must be a lot of fun. And we can see how hard it is for them to give that up seeing that we got two character possessions this week. One thing I love about this crazy drama is that it’s pretty clear that the actors have a great time with the insane storyline and I’m sure the actress who played the female cop this week was no exception.

I feel we’ve seen the last of her possessions and I’m going to miss them.

Who else clapped when Soon Ae finally realized that her grudge wasn’t sex-related? I was glad because it meant that the stalled murder storyline could finally gain traction. All praises to the powers that be.

Sung Jae. Sung Jae. Sung Jae. We usually don’t see such villains in Korean dramas where they are prone to redeeming them in the final episode. Making him an evil spirit with no sob story (which belongs to the host in this case) frees the writer to create a remorseless, selfish, heartless, ruthless psycho with no conscience that scares the bejesus out of us!

Poor Officer Han. He survived an attack only to still die by his hands. He should have kicked him out of the car! What I liked about it was that he was smart enough to discuss it with Officer Kang and that he warned Sun Woo to keep his mouth shut because I was getting sick of all the characters unknowingly stepping on a landmine. This fool didn’t even have to fish for information because they trusted him and spilled their guts.

After fourteen episodes, we finally got Bong Sun, Sun Woo and Soon Ae working together. How awesome was that? I loved that once he accepted it, he listened with an open mind and was fully onboard. Granted, his sister’s well-being was the primary motive but I loved it regardless.

The restaurant staff is usually good for laughs but I didn’t like the filler subplot about hiring the pretty girl. It made Min Soo look dumber than usual and I simply found it irritating and a waste of time. But perhaps the writer has run out of things for them to do.

Kyung Mo was awesome this week when he yelled at Chef for transforming a girl who was as bright as his sister into a lifeless person. I guess that means he isn’t into Bong Sun’s real (albeit heartbroken) personality.

There weren’t a lot of funny scenes this episode but I enjoyed watching the possessed shaman. LOL. It was cute.

We learned this week that Soon Ae was killed for witnessing the hit-and-run. And how chilling was the final scene? I wonder if the writers were careful enough in the past to not have Soon Ae and Sung Jae in the same scene given that we now learn that he’s able to see ghosts.

I’m curious about how he plans to destroy Soon Ae. Can he exit Sung Jae’s body? Or will he threaten to harm her family? And how will they get him? I guess this is when the shaman’s skills will come into play. And given that Chef is now in a relationship with the host of the ghost he fell for (although Bong Sun is more than just the host), would it be the same for Eun Hee? Will she be told the truth? Or will the evil spirit be vanquished and she and the guy who hasn’t been conscious since his teen years make a go of it? Ignoring his baby-killing tendencies, of course.

But am I the only one confused by the timeline? We saw the evil spirit possess the teenage boy but the shaman noticed a difference between adult Sung Jae’s photos. Which is it?

Next week should be full of tears when Soon Ae finally leaves. In the pursuit of a resolution for her grudge, not only will two lonely people now be together, Eun Hee and whoever else that psycho would have killed in the future will be safe. It’s true that she selfishly possesses people –  inadvertently putting them in harm’s way – but she’s also pretty darn awesome. I will miss this drama.


  • maddymappo says:

    This drama at long last revealed a moral compass buried inside. Finally SA realizes she was wrong. Finally BS confesses and realizes she was wrong. Poor SW has to figure all this out. Who does he love?

    I understand that SA/SW were exciting together (sort of ) but the writers confused us by spending so much time building his relationship with SA, a dead girl. That was so wrong. We needed to see him relating to BS, there just wasn’t enough time in these two episodes to develop their relationship properly and for him to grieve and get over the person he had the great romance with, SA. To further mix us up, his mother wanted SW to marry a successful woman who is also crazy about him. And they showed us their relationship in more detail than his relationship with BS. All we see of him and BS relating is that blog of hers. We don’t even see BS making some good food for the TV show, it was all SA all the way for 80% of the drama time.

    Ultimately the writers did the right thing, but for me, it seems like too little too late.

    The writers could not resist milking the hyper charged “funny” sex concept of a pretty young girl so desperate to have a sexual experience she is running around commandeering other women’s bodies, and begging men to bed her, ad nauseum. Maximum five episodes on that would have sufficed. Personally I thought it was pathetic, not funny.

    I always suspected SA’s real “grudge” was to find out who killed her and that has come to pass.

    Finally we met BS’s grandma, a lovely woman. I would have liked getting to know her better too.

    I agree that SA’s brother had a good moment when he mans up and smacks SW for letting down BS.

    The writers use ghost/spirit powers as it serves the plot, so agreed shaman abilities and ghost power have been uneven. SunJae had other opportunities to see SA but never did before. Only after the shaman lady told SA that could happen did he see her. SA was the one who pushed BS out of the way of the car, he did not see her then. It always made sense that he could see her since he is an evil spirit.

    I hope officer Kang is okay. I do not think SJ can do anything to SA now that she is dead. But,he can threaten to harm her family. We will see.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I wasn’t sure if Sung Jae saw Soon Ae when she pushed Bong Sun out of the way because on one hand, it seemed like he didn’t. But on the other, when he was recollecting it, it seemed like he did but wasn’t sure if the ghost was Soon Ae or not.

      • maddymappo says:

        Hello Clockwatcher, Thank you for your recap and review. I know, SJ may or may not have been able to see her. Still, the writers do bend the ghost laws, I think. They should know that avid k-drama fans are watching their every move! But, it is just a story. 🙂

        • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

          I definitely agree with you. The writer should have come up with clear rules. I also think it’s weird that ghosts and evil spirits (and the shaman) can’t see an evil spirit/ghost when it possesses a human but that little girl could tell that Soon Ae was in Bong Sun.

          • maddymappo says:

            Oh, yes, that little freaky shaman girl. I forgot about her. She was a fun, transient oddity. I think she would have been a fun character if a permanent part of the storyline. True, she could see both spirits in the same body and no one else has the ability.

  • Jeann says:

    Nice little review, Clockwatcher!

    I do agree with most of you here. I have been enjoying this drama surprisingly more than I had expected, even though there are many loop holes as the episodes are nearing to the end by now. I guess the drama works up till now is because it is cemented by the chemistry between the leads and the characters around them, it feels pretty enduring and you do feel for the characters in general, and the situations they are forced to be in.

    I especially think that Park Bo-Young is really talented and natural here, pulling off the BS/SA combo really well. She’s a show stealer, truly likable, for me.

    I hope the ending won’t be a let down, like most dramas… Can’t wait for next week!

  • Tasha says:

    Aigoo, great review. Though I agree, I must say didn’t mind the illogical plot build up becos it was so damn funny when SA/BS was trying darnest to seduce SW. The reunion scene was mushy n sweet and it felt good, surprisingly. I suppose lately none of the kdramas interested me as much as this, though I picked this up late during my bored moments. Daebak.

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