Oh My Ghost Episode 15 Video Preview

I hate to say goodbye to this drama. I tremendously enjoyed watching every episode. Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Seok gained a fan in me. Not just because of their awesome chemistry, but their characters are a joy to get to know.

Finally, we will get to know more about Soon Ae’s untimely death. I hope that there is still a chance for the real Sung Jae to regain back his life. The evil spirit has taken over his body without permission. The bad ghost must be punished! Surely, we will have more clarity as the story ties up most loose ends this Friday.

This weekend, the last two episodes will be shown. As a gift for all the fans, Seo In Guk will be present! *woot* News just confirmed that he will do a cameo. It wouldn’t hurt if Chef will be tossed on the side, even for just a few minutes. This will be a lot of fun for sure!

Credits: tvN | Oh My Ghost Soompi


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