Jung Woo Sung’s F/W 2015 Visuals For Bruno Baffi & INDIAN


Bruno Baffi and its Wellmade family, INDIAN, have unveiled their new fall designs, and Jung Woo Sung is very irresistible in them! He’s so handsome! 😉


Bruno Baffi





Sources  |  Bruno Baffi  |  INDIAN



  • Eliza Bennet says:

    He is very handsome but for some reason my heart only beats when I watch him on screen. Looking at his photos doesn’t do anything to me.

  • jensredshoes says:

    Yes! I agree. I absolutely love him and he’s stunning but photos don’t do him justice. All his intensity is gone and he just looks awkward… and older than he looks on video.

  • From Mexico says:

    Let’s get married!!!

    By the way, brown color is not for you! Any else, please avoid the brown

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