Sung Joon Is Quirky & Fujii Mina Enchants In Esquire Korea

So, woops. I have back-to-back posts on Sung Joon. I didn’t realize he’ll also be appearing in next month’s issue of Esquire Korea, but nonetheless, it’s a nice surprise.

The freckle-faced actor seems adorably weird in his black-and-white shots. He’s joined in the September pages by the always cheerful Fujii Mina, who displays her alluring side as well.


Sung Joon


Fujii Mina



Source  |  Esquire Korea FB



  • Teleri says:

    oooh, Sung Joon w/freckles – how adorable! sooo cute & hot all at the same time… Are those really his freckles or did some make-up artist go wild?

  • myra do says:

    We’re following Sung Joon’s drama, because he fits to all role he portrays. He is just an excellent actor! Keep it up!

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