“Twenty Again” 6-Minute Long Preview

Twenty Again is out with the long preview!

It’s Choi Ji Woo against the world in Twenty Again. I really hate watching a powerless lead character, usually female, being treated unfairly, and it will be agonizing to see her go up against the ageism she encounters from her own family and (it seems) from much of the student body. I know I’ll be balling my hands up in a fist and twisting them, pulling someone’s hair for her—at least, in my head. On the one hand, it will be glorious when the myopic little shits eat crow.

It’s too early to tell, but from this quick glance, it seems there will be potential for Ji Woo’s No Ra and Lee Sang Yoon‘s Cha Hyun Seok to rekindle their old romance because her relationship with her hubby might already be over before the end of the first episode. Will the husband really end their marriage because she wants to study? Jackass!

School starts for Choi Ji Woo this weekend on tvN!




Sources  |  Credit to uploader  |  Soompi, c/o scullaaay



  • Karen says:

    I can`t wait to see it! ^_^

  • myra do says:

    Gonna watch this, it’s our first time watching CHOI JI WOO & LEE SANG YOON on a romantic-comedy drama. These two are known to have great talent in acting and well known for it’s charisma with an awesome compelling character. Keep it up and may this be an

  • Rowanmdm says:

    Tvn has really been on a roll with their dramas so I am really looking forward to this. Plus I like the premise.

    Anyone know of where I can watch the trailer with subs? I watched it raw and now have so many questions 🙂

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