“Yong Pal” Episode 7 Preview

So… what is going on? Tae Hyun falls into a coma and meets Yeo Jin in a dream or what the hell? Or it’s just a regular dream like the one he had of his mother?

Credit: SBS, Uploader


  • Laura says:

    Mejor no puede ser,cada vez mas y mas atrapante,Saludos amigos

  • Denali says:

    Joo Won has been carrying the show on his shoulders for most of the first 6 episodes, even pulling all-nighters for 6 nights straight. The boy needs some rest, e.g. less scenes. So if the writer wants to have his character lay on a bed due to a coma and/or recovery for some time, this is just fine with me.

  • Dan says:

    Joo Won’s cuteness is to die for… but you can’t deny this kid’s acting skills as well unlike other Korean cutie actors. Such a multi-talented kid… Jack of all trades, and he can definitely master all. Not being in the top actors list in one of the sites that i read recently, he’s being underrated.

  • Jeremy says:

    this yong pal ep 7 is totally rubbish, not much story line and scenes. Unrealistic drama scenes which occupied half of the episode.

  • hitaru says:

    Before, i never watch Joo Won drama, except tomorrow cantabile. But, i appreciate his acting in this drama, amusing. Episode 7 seems like anticlimax from this drama. But I am sure writer-nim still has surprising story. Don’t be dissapointed *_*

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