Anatomy of a K-drama Kiss: 2015 Mid-year Edition

Here we go! This is one of the posts we started in 2010. Its been a long time since we had one, last 2011 to be exact. So I am bringing it BACK today!

You will know if the kiss is done right when the fans go frantic in excessively sharing the videos or gif while dissecting every angle and movement from start to finish. Their description is even better when imagined! Heh. Not to mention the endless repeat of watching the scene. Are you guilty?

A lot has changed in the Korean drama landscape. It’s not just improvement from our leads but more movement! Yes, no more caught in daylight, dead fish kinda kiss scene or the fans will go to war zone. I can say that everyone is satisfied so far. Four months to go before 2015 ends, surely the new season will bring more to this list.

Without further a do, here are MY top picks in no particular order limited only from K-dramas I’ve watched so far. You may suggest your favourites if it didn’t make my list on the comment section below 🙂

Oh My Ghost

This is a favourite because of how Chef Sun Woo  (Jo Jung Seok) revealed his feelings in the best possible way – KISS! It must be his piercing eyes when he looked at Na Bong Sun / Soon Ae (Park Bo Young) while holding her with the towel that reeled me in. He was hesitating at first, questioning his feelings. Is it true? Is it about time? His resolved started to melt away when Na Bong Sun noticed some splatter on his polo shirt and started to wipe it to dry. The care and the proximity seemed too much to handle. So he finally gave in and kissed her straight away! As if he wanted more, he pulled her even closer to give the deepest, most sincere kiss Chef could ever give in that moment. He confessed his feelings to Na Bong Sun after and she couldn’t help but say yes to him.

I would say it too, if I was in her place.

The Time We Were Not in Love

Everybody who watched this surely shouted FINALLY! I’m one of them. LOL. 17 years is a long wait so this kiss is well deserved.

Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) told Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) that she likes him and gave a short kiss after her confession. Surely Won won’t settle with just that. Before Ha Na could continue to talk, Won simply swooped her closer towards him for a kiss. He’s been waiting for this moment to finally come, the pent-up emotions welled out of him all at once. He was scheduled to leave going to Paris that day and he has this memory to take with him. Choi Won finally have the woman he has been longing for and this kiss welcomed her into his life.

1+1 couple, daebak!

Warm and Cozy

Nobody would want to go out at night for a stroll in the park nor spend an hour watching movies if Gun Woo (Yoo Yeon Suk) gives a better option for you to stay at home with him. Jung Joo (Kang So Ra) finally have Gun Woo’s love and she wanted more “dating” experiences with him. She invited him to go out with a list of suggestions for them to do. Gun Woo turned her down and gave her a better alternative. There’s no better explanation. Just watch.

Just a side note. I love how Gun Woo reacted when he heard her say “Saranghae”. This kiss was his answer. Now after receiving that, surely no one would ever think of going out at night again. This is a reason why, home is a better place to be.

High Society

This was supposed to be a break-up but it turned into a make-up! Chang Soo (Park Hyung Sik) and Ji Yi (Im Ji Yeon) are an expert in turning things around in their relationship. They don’t simply settle for anything, even if it rains. Ji Yi knows that a relationship with a chaebol is hard, and yet she chose to love Chang Soo. She has her own beliefs and yet she defied that for Chang Soo’s love. He is more important than her own pride and feelings. Chang Soo knows that fact that’s why in return, he loved her with all of him. This kiss postponed the break-up and the rain served an excuse for them to be together longer.


Young Shin (Park Min Young) and Seo Jung Hoo (Ji Chang Wook) sizzles amidst the cold weather. This one is brief yet sweet. I think the cuddles and the back hug is enough for this to be repeated endlessly. Heck. Watchers surely want to replace Park Min Young right then and there! Right?

I just finished with the Healer marathon. I had a great time watching it. Ji Chang Wook has the power to steal anyone’s heart, and I think I understand why. Is it his eyes? His physique? His manly aura? His charms? His adorkable manners? There is more to him, for sure. I have yet to experience more from him but Healer is definitely a good start. His chemistry with Park Min Young is one for the books! This kiss is simple compared from the rest on the list, but its enough to convince me that they have done something right.

I have to say, it was that coy smile Jung Hoo had after he kissed Young Shin that got me. He thinks he won because she wants him too! LOL. He had a great time teasing her.

Well, when you really want it, it shows. Great job, Ji Chang Wook!

I will end my post with another entry from Oh My Ghost.

Bong Sun just arrived after she studied Culinary abroad for two years. Chef was already going berserk because he hasn’t received any messages, e-mail nor phone calls from her for months. This could have been a bad sign if Na Bong Sun didn’t show up in front of his restaurant. She explained to him that she fought the urge to contact him because hearing his voice would only prompt her to go back home sooner than planned. Is it a valid reason? For some of us, no. But for Chef, he couldn’t be more touched. Simply hearing that his girlfriend missed him is enough of a reason to forget his anger. He is more thankful that he can now hold her in his arms again. Add to that, Bong Sun showered him with kisses. Simple, long and sweet kisses.

This is how you make a memorable kiss scene. Sometimes all we need is a great chemistry from the actors and we would still end up repeating the scene to the nth time. And the feels.. its abundant! It’s a plus that both actors enjoyed it for real too.

All I can say is, “aww, how sweet it is to be loved by you..” 

May I add one thing more about this scene. It was pure ad-lib from both actors! OMO! Thank you PDnim for not saying “cut” in this moment. Now, that’s the right cherry on top of this wonderful cake.

Chemistry is an integral part to make a kiss scene work its magic. Moreover, the actors should also want to do it, the eagerness makes it real. It’s more than technique or making it good on camera that makes a KISS unforgettable. The feeling should be present, because if the characters don’t feel anything, how else would they expect it from the viewers?! Filming one kiss scene takes longer, but the result could be astounding when done right. With proper ingredients – actors, ambiance, timing, meaning, story – a kiss will definitely be remembered for a long time.

Now, you may repeat everything to your heart’s content!

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  • Emmy says:

    Glad you ended it with the last kiss from Oh my ghost. That was one of my all time favourite kiss scenes, I was literally squealing and grinning like an idiot. It was sooo sweet and you could tell that the chemistry was so real and genuine. Even to the viewer it seemed completely natural, so I was not completely surprised to read that it was an ad-lib in the interviews later!

  • martha says:

    Nice way to begin the weekend. Chef gives the best kisses! Well Healer too, he was just so cute following her around and resting his head on her shoulder.I would have melted on the spot. My all time favorite kisses were in Secret Garden. Lots of nice chemistry and Hyun Bin.

  • An says:

    Oh My Ghostess kisses make me feel all smiley and tingly.. They are so friggin’ cute!!!

    Kdramas are getting better with their kisses.. Otherwise at the beginning, even OTP hugs looked stiff and one sided. (The stamina it takes to wrap your hand around the guy must be too much)

  • Keona8 says:

    I have two kiss scene that I really like :
    – The first one is a hot one and it’s between Cho Yeo Jeong and Choi Jin Hyuk in “I need romance”. They are in the car and it’s just woo!
    – The second one is a sweet one between Kyohei (Kame) and Sunako in “Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge”. This is the ending scene and the most perfect ever for me!

  • Money Honey says:

    Yes, good chemistry between the actors is certainly important in delivering such powerful impact. The final kiss scene in Oh My Ghost is so particularly sweet that it lingers and stays in my mind for the longest time that l can remember ever, for any K-dramas.

  • Tasha says:

    Yea, guilty as charged, re watching the episodes and scenes for Oh My Ghost. This is my fav kdrama for the year. Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Sook chemistry is awesome, so naturale. I’ve watched JJS in production w IU and the chemistry was not the same. Oh My Ghost is prompting me to check them out in the future.

  • xiaoSxin says:

    Omo that was adlib in Oh My Ghosy?!! No wonder Bongsun said ‘ Oppa’ when she asked if she can kiss him again. Eeeee my shipper heart is very happy.

    How did you find out that it was an adlib? Was there an interview or BTS?

  • funkbeat says:

    you got my 2 of my fave kisses.. actually i have 4 fave kisses and it was all from oh my ghost! it wasn’t bcoz i love the show but the kissing scenes looks so perfect.. so real.. and i couldn’t agree more with you when you said that it takes a good chemistry from the actors to have a beautiful…. realistic result… how you describe the first kissing scene, i mean,the kissing scene from the kitchen when chef used the towel to pull bong sun closer to him, was exactly how i described the kissing scene too.. the kiss says it all.. uncertainty.. longing… need.. and love

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