“Twenty Again” Week One Thoughts

New drama time!

Oh My Ghost ended so I needed a new drama to fill the void. As I generally like tvN Fri-Sat dramas, there was no way I wasn’t going to give its replacement a shot. Do I like it? The jury is still out.

Twenty Again is a about a woman, Ha No Ra, whose life was interrupted in high school. She finally gets to pick it up from where she left off.

For starters, the premise works for me. I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past that Jane Austen’s Persuasion is a favorite of mine. I love stories about past loves reconnecting and people getting a second chance at life, love etc etc. Although I get the feeling that here, Cha Hyun Suk’s feelings were unrequited and his romance with her was largely in his head.

I liked this actor’s brief scenes in Producer so I hope we get tons of flashbacks.

I’m really looking forward to Ha No Ra’s coming-of-age story,. She was a spunky, fiery teen who grew up to be a mousy woman. It’s understandable because she gave up her life at a young age to start a family with someone who probably only married her to avoid the shame of fathering a child out of wedlock.

Despite playing a part in cutting short her education, he grows tired of her and falls for her antithesis – an educated, worldly, sophisticated woman.

And of course, since everyone and their mama needs to be connected to one university, her husband’s new woman happens to be professor teaching a marriage class of all things. I’ll just let the irony sink in.

Am I the only person sick of Woo Chul?

I’m sure he also felt trapped by the pregnancy as exhibited in his insistence that they break up once their child was in college. What I hate is how he talks down to her like she is an assistant and not a partner. And I bet that at one point, he benefited from keeping her sheltered and ignorant. His mistreatment of her has the desired effect of making us root again their marriage but it’s still annoying. But I find it a little funny that he’s faithful and not cheating on his girlfriend with his wife. LOL

38 is not 78 so I think it’s unrealistic for No Ra to be incredibly ignorant about technology but when I remember that she quit school in junior high and probably never worked outside of her home, it kind of makes sense. She also owns no personal computer and I think her husband didn’t let her use his so there’s a huge world out there she’s unaware of.

Her son is rude and unappreciative but I don’t blame him because he probably takes his cues from his dad.

What’s with his romance, though? I’m assuming there’s a point but right now, I find it distracting and a complete waste of time. We barely know him, we don’t know her and they’ve already tossed a bunch of angst into their relationship. I doubt there’s anyone watching who cares that he fell asleep during their date as there was no build up.

I get the need to start with discord in order to grow into harmony but the college kids arc is irritating.  I realize that they are taking creative license but I think it’s a bit unrealistic to portray the students being incredibly rude to No Ra based on her age. Her numerous questions can be annoying and I bet the student in the marriage class would have preferred a younger teammate but still, it’s over the top. I would have preferred that they just make feel lonely and out of place without having the students be incredibly rude and cruel. That would still allow for the arc of them growing to like her.


As for Cha Hyun Suk, he’s very childish which I attribute to his still being mentally stuck in high school. I just hope that he’s had romantic relationships since then because I find it incredibly unrealistic for such an attractive, accomplished guy to be so hung up on a woman who’s been married for 20 years that he’s had no relationships. As it stands, I already find it ridiculous that he’s still mad over whatever he thinks happened in the past.

It’s fair to say that my enjoyment of this show will weigh heavily on how well written No Ra’s growth arc is. I want a funny, moving story of how she gets stronger and becomes her own woman. Plus I really need a great romance with Cha Hyun Suk.

No Ra’s mistaken cancer diagnosis and her divorce spurred her into attending college. However, it was hinted that she’s got a doctor’s appointment coming up. Will the mistake be cleared up then?

The cliche storyline would have have her discover the truth at like Episode 12, right after she’s fallen for Hyun Suk and her husband’s begging her to return to him so I’d like something different. Let her learn the truth early so impending death is no longer the reason she decides to throw caution to the wind and live for herself.

Am I the only one who can’t help but notice the age difference between Choi Ji Woo and Lee Sang Yoon? I wish they’d made her a noona instead of a classmate.

Anyway, there’s still a lot of potential with this drama so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and hope it only gets better from here.


  • fongy says:

    this the first time i”m watching a lee sang yoon drama. hence, i actually mistaken him as one of the students at first.

  • Teleri says:

    I dearly love Choi Won Young & think he’s all kinds of sexy (plus he plays creepy really well – see Hello Monster) – but he’s the ONLY one in this that actual LOOKS the age he’s supposed to be.
    You may be alone in thinking this age difference to be apparent – really I had to look up the actors’ actual birthdates to check. I realize that Choi Ji Woo IS really 40, but she certainly does NOT look it – at ALL. Lee Sang Yoon doesn’t either – but he does look the same age as Choi Ji Woo – that 6 year age difference is totally not apparent. Neither of these 2 look as old as their characters. In fact Choi Ji Woo looks young enough that I wonder if people in their mid-20s get harassed for going back to school in Korea….
    Anyway, I spent a good 12 years in college, university, grad school – & DID go for classes at a junior college when I was 38 (didn’t look it anymore than Choi Ji Woo LOL) so I’m interested so far in this. The kid getting upset about his mom attending the same school? OH yeah LOL MY kids were soooo upset that I was substitute TEACHING at their school! I also love how Lee Sang Yoon’s character is all sorts of upset at Ha No Ra for what seems to be her lack (in HS) of realizing he’d had a crush on her LOL I’m w/you in hoping that he’s had other relationships since then cause, duh, he would have – but people DO let supposed slights & other wounds from Jr & Sr HS fester like this 😀

  • bmore says:

    Haven’t started yet, but plan to soon.. Waiting on 4 episodes to post before watching any new dramas now. Gives me more continuity and my poor old brain just has trouble keeping track of plots when I’m watching 15 or more dramas at a time! I agree.CJW definitely looks older than LSY. She looks good, but I definitely think she looks late 30’s. I have no idea why they couldn’t have made it a noona romance from high school in the first place. Him the freshman kid with the crush on the senior. Far more realistic He looks young for his age too so it just puts them further apart in the believable range. I can get by that though if the story is good and I love the premise. I was hoping it would have her marriage breaking up prior to the relationship building with her new guy, so really glad that is set up that way! I’ll catch you on the back side!!! Hoping too that this one will be fun to watch.

    • Teleri says:

      Really not understanding why people think Choi Ji Woo looks old – really – she looks early 30s to me, as does LSY – they look the same age. Whatever.

      • bmore says:

        just different eyes I think. Lots of people on both ends. I think it also may have to do with the fact that he is more of a younger actor, experience wise. Also, has a certain elegance and maturity to her that just doesn’t go with him. he’s more of a young action type guy that you wouldn’t expect to be paired up with someone like her. They may just click with one another though and be fun to watch and we will forget all about that! 🙂

  • paloma says:

    Totally on train with all your comments here since you pointed out just about all the quips I have with this drama!! Which seem like enough to give up but overall I find myself rooting for Ha No Ra and I think ultimately like you said her journey will make it or break it for me.

    I am glad I am not alone with how glaring the age difference feels. I was so surprised to find out Choi Ji Woo is only 2 years older than her character!! I mean if they could make Kim Hee Sun and JiSoo shipable in Angry Mom I think any age-difference is workable lol but making them the same-age was a mistake imo.

    I was also having a hard time with her lack of knowledge regarding technology but you made a great point about her being so sheltered by her husband!

  • Rowanmdm says:

    I was also a bit shocked at how actively mean the other students were. I remember there being a couple older students when I was an undergrad 15 years ago, and we didn’t act like that. Sure we didn’t go out of our way to befriend someone our parents or grandparent’s age, but nothing that extreme. I wonder if it’s a difference between the US and Korea, or if the writers were exaggerating for dramatic effect. Either way, I am rooting for No Ra to make some friends and rediscover her spunk and love of life.

    I am also really happy that she has a doctor’s appointment the next week. I would LOVE it if they defied convention and let we discover the mistake really quickly. I want No Ra to realize this is something she needs to do for herself no matter what others say. TvN has a good track record, so I have high hopes.

  • heartoppaya says:

    Here’s where your and my thoughts clash, clocky.

    I actually enjoyed this a whooooole lot more than the currently trending dramas. I guess this won’t be as amazing as Angry Mum, but the college arc is a new one to me and I want to see more of it. I’m one person who didn’t pursue higher education so I dunno how college life is supposed to be, since I jumped straight into a job. But I’m still young enough, not to be considered as an ahjumma so I guess there’s a chance for me to act my own age for a difference. These college dramas impress me and makes me consider my choices in life. Like the drama suggested, the choice (whether to enter to the college or not) is entirely ours. Generally speaking. So I’m actually enjoying the college arc.

    As for the characters, I have to say that no, I don’t despise Woo Chul, weirdly enough, at all. He’s a husband who cannot live with his wife anymore and I don’t think there is any other way to let her know that. I’m new to marriage stuff, but if I’m not wrong, communication is the main instrument to bring two spouses closer. They do talk, but there are secrets between them. I definitely see that Choi Won Young has adopted a comic quality to his character and I love all his expressions. They are just pure epic. I’m a huge fan of his after Hello Monster. And this is driving the nail in the coffin.

    As for Ha Nora, she is misunderstood and mistaken but it still makes me root for her as a wife, a mother, a student and a general human being. She has amazing chemistry with her best friend Yoon Young and I adore her when she speaks up for herself. She is someone who wants to use her wit, but because of her status as a housewife, she is scared. I feel for her. A lot. She is the main reason I’m watching this drama. Choi Ji Woo is just amazing. No words.

    Lee Sang Yoon is killing it with his I’m-totally-cool-but-internally-I’m-a-wreck act. I love his petty rivalry with hubby Woo Chul and I for one would enjoy some bromance between them. Please bring the bromance. Please…. This is the first LSY drama, yet I’m a fan of his. He’s all kinds of cute, hot and sexy. At first I too thought he was a student. He’s adorable.

    I’m also loving Ga Soon Nam (No Young Has who was the younger version of Joo Sang Wook in Masked Prosecutor) and I think he’s going to be Nora’s dancing partner and best friend. Also a kind of Bok Dongie. Please let it be so…..

    Overall, I’m pleased. I get to enjoy a good drama.

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