Lee Jin Wook Covers Cine21’s Issue No. 1020

I made it through a second weekend of no The Time We Were Not In Love, but I’m still not over the show! Bweh! While I (and a few others) haven’t moved on, the busy stars, Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook, have. Jin Wook has even said goodbye to his Wonnie hair. *Sniff*

He currently can be seen in the movie The Beauty Inside as Han Hyo Joo‘s leading man of many faces/bodies. Heh. He and his new hairstyle are the main feature of this week’s issue of Cine21.

Take a gander at his cover spread!




Source  |  Cine21



  • gertrude says:

    Thanks for posting this, Ms. Goodange! But, like you and for sure many others I also have not moved on from TTWWNIL. Just curious if you still plan to write your second half review of this series?

    • goodange says:

      A second review is on the very tentative pile. I had planned to do a top favorite scenes article, but that’s also iffy. I’ve been playing a lot of catch-up outside of the blogging world, and Rin is also busy with school, so, we’ll see. Sorry for the not so good news.

  • Gertrude says:

    Although it is really quite heartbreaking to know that there is a slim chance for a second review considering yours and Rinchan’s real life responsibilities, please do allow me to express my gratitude firstly for replying to my question and most of all for all the hardwork you’ve put into posting all TTWWNIL- related stuffs. We have you to blame for supplying us with all the cracks. LOL! All of them were surely great pieces of entertainment after a hard day’s job. Thank you very much! Take care!

    • goodange says:

      Awww. No problem, Gertrude. 🙂 It has been our pleasure. I don’t want to make any promises right now, but I really wish I could happily make a guarantee that we can give it a final salute. Thank you for your appreciation, and we are very grateful that you’ve enjoyed the cracks as much as we have 😀 I hope we’ll have more shows we both can enjoy together! 🙂

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