New “Twenty Again” Episode 3 Preview

It looks like Ha No Ra and Cha Hyun Suk are having a high school romance as adults. Kinda cute. It also looks like she’s already finding friends at school. Hmm. I hope it didn’t go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds. But the less of that wangta storyline, the better so there are no complaints from me.

Looks fun.

Credit: tvN


  • Laura says:

    Todavía no puedo dar una opinión ya que son los dos primeros episodios, los actores de un nivel extraordinario,imagino que a medida que vayan apareciendo los nuevos capítulos el matiz va a cambiar para regalarnos momentos muy agradables en compañía de cada uno de ellos.Muchas gracias amigos míos,por tenerme informada

  • Ivoire says:

    Thank you for the preview. What is a “wangta” storyline, please?

  • Saint says:

    This drama is super cute… I have loved almost all drama(s) Tvn broadcasted especially Misaeng

    I love Ha No Ra & Cha Hyun Suk…the ChaHa couple **wink**

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