“Yong Pal” Episode 9 Preview

I am in the camp that’s not here for this random romance. How I wish it could have been developed like in “I Remember You.” What’s the rush? He can still care for her without them falling for each other while unconscious or whatever the hell happened here. I was really looking forward to the development of their friendship. 😡

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  • SAint says:


    Very absurd indeed

  • Laura says:

    Cada día los actores y actrices coreanos enamoran mas,Realmente extraordinarios todos ellos !!!.Saludos amigos

  • Potato says:

    Like I Remember You? Really?

    Yes, dance around it for 15 episodes and do a time jump then sealed with a kiss!

    Kdrama commandment – all romances end with a kiss. Thou should never start with one.

    • Adal says:

      I agree with Clockwatcher’s assessment. In “I Remember You”, you could see the development of their relationship and the growth of understanding and trust between Lee Hyun and Cha Ji An. I agree with your view and thought the kiss in episode 16 a tad overdone, to be honest, we could have just as easily have done without it (a hug would have been OK as well).

      In Yong Pal, they lost most of the viewers between lying in a coma and fighting for one’s life in one episode and sharing a kiss in the next episode, also the fuzzy timelines, when did she learn to walk after being in a coma for so long? What about the bandage on her neck? Did the cut miraculously disappear?. We get that there is attraction on both sides, we buy the friendship that sprung up between them, what lost most of us (or at least me!) was the leap between friendship and romance. I still see them as a couple, but that dream sequence was poorly executed and made me feel like I was watching another drama. Not the taut psychological thriller that engaged us from episodes 1 to 6.

  • Sarah says:

    Totally agree! Watching the end of the last ep I was just sitting here like “ummm…what??” “Did I miss something??” Like yes there was obviously something growing between them, but it escalated really quickly! It feels like she’s only been awake for a few days and they haven’t really had that much time together. It just…makes no sense and detracts from the best parts of the show. I like that I Remember You had a focus that wasn’t just the romance. The romance was organically developed and was fitting with the two characters. In Yongpal it just feels like it has been forced and I think it could get in the way of their individual character development. Also, I am I the only one that felt like the first few episodes were really slick with the writing, directing and editing…but now it feels rushed and rough?

  • shine says:

    “Remember me” was a different kind of drama with Yong Pal. And kinda boring. I’ve just wanna enjoy Yong Pal, because everybody has a different expectation…for me their romance built very smooth and I believe the writer/director knows better make this drama more interesting and each episode give us a surprise. I love Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won, they are perfect together. Fighting!

  • Kdramaloverdee says:

    Thank god I am not the only one who thinks the romance is forced.I think the plot is getting a lil absurd as it progresses and the 4ep extension is a big worry!

  • Jackie says:

    Agreed! They hurried it, and for what?

    Now, after watching the preview for Episode 10 I can sort of see why they did that (don’t want to spoil).

    But still! They could’ve “ended” things as friends for godsakes, and I would’ve enjoyed it 10x more than the kissing we’ve been shown thus far. They could’ve ended the episode as friends who are unsure about how they feel about each other, or friends who are confused about their feelings for one another. Damn, I would’ve given Yongpal almost a perfect score thus far if it had not been for this rushed romance. Seriously, patience is everything, and it pays off if done well.

  • wonwen says:

    Every drama was accused plagiarism, they will be a decrease in ratings.This drama has decreased ratings, because alleged plagiarism. I disagree, every story could be similarity with other story. So what if this drama similar with any story?For me, this drama really great. Maybe just because there are jealous of the success of this drama. Yong Pal remain the best!! Fighting!

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