Park Seo Joon’s Initial “She Was Pretty” Stills

MBC will soon be taking a breather from Joseon era style and setting as She Was Pretty takes over Scholar Who Walks The Night‘s time slot this month.

Playing a fashion magazine editor, Park Seo Joon‘s Ji Sung Joon should be impressing us with his intelligent looks, but looking at these stills, I think his clothes can be better. Netizen reactions to the billowy pants Seo Joon wore for his character poster has been pretty negative. Heh. But Sung Joon’s charisma and dignified air might make us forget his fashion tumbles. He is also described as someone who believes in always being on top, so, I wonder if he’ll be tough on his frumpy first love, Hwan Jung Eum‘s Kim Hye Jin. Or will they have a pleasant reunion?




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