“Twenty Again” Week Two Thoughts

I think it’s fair to say that this week is an improvement over the previous one. Now that introductions are done with, we can get to the meat of the story.

We got less Yoon Young this week and I hope we get to see more of her in future episodes. I’m a huge fan of girlmance in simple romances like this because our heroine has a sounding board and an easy way to communicate her feelings to the audience. Plus I just love watching sisterhood on screen.

Hyun Suk took her place in the flashbacks this week and I wonder if they’ll continue throughout the series to contrast the woman No Ra is today with the girl she used to be.

Is it me or despite the episodes not dragging, nothing much happened in these two episodes?

I am happy that No Ra now knows of the diagnosis mix-up. This show is a little contrived with many coincidences but I’m glad that she listened to Hyun Suk’s “well-dying” interview to inspire her to live in the present. And now that she’s potentially got 60 years and not 6 months left to live, she will try to enjoy them for herself.

On the hilarious side, Hyun Suk now thinks she’s dying which keeps her in his thoughts even more and forces him to be nicer and more considerate and helpful towards her. I can’t be the only one who burst out laughing at his misunderstanding.

That’s what you get for snooping where your eyes don’t belong.

But how convenient that people keep revealing their secrets to him by carelessly dropping things? First was Yi Jin with the pen, then No Ra.

One thing I loved this week was that some of the students have begun to warm up to our heroine. Seung Hyun seems like a hardworking nice girl who doesn’t subscribe to the silly behavior of her classmates but I was glad that Soon Nam, despite being problematic himself, recognizes unfairness when he sees it.

So this week’s major arc was about a molesting professor. For years, he’d had the students at their balls because they were too scared to challenge him or report his behavior to the authorities.

No Ra, being older and with different priorities is able to speak up and expose the man’s reprehensible behavior but angers the students when she asks why they never did anything before.


I understood the seniors’ reaction because she shamed them. While it’s true that she saw things from her narrow viewpoint, I don’t think it’s exactly wrong to wonder why others didn’t step in especially with the man blatantly molesting these girls in a public place. But on the other hand, she should have exercised some tact and not said anything.

This led to more ostracism as the seniors were mad at being called out plus they were worried that the professor would retaliate by making their lives difficult. So once again, she’s the wangta but luckily for us, Hyun Suk was there to rescue her!

What I liked about it was that he wasn’t a complete Captain Save Ha No Ra. While he connected the dots and got Seung Hyun to hand the video to her, he left the power in her hands. What I don’t like is that she blackmailed that bastard via email. While the guy wouldn’t risk exposing her to protect himself, never leave a paper trail.

As for the romance, I’m still waiting for it to begin. There are only 16 episodes, right?

Hyun Suk went through a lot of emotions this week. He’s mad at her for the past, mad that she’s no longer the strong girl he knew, mad that she gave up her life for a cheating bastard, shocked that she’s dying and has told no one and upset that she’s having a hard time with only 6 months to live.

With the stalking, it’s funny how he reverts to a high school student when dealing with her. He’s now become a typical male lead who puts her first and protects her. He steps in to let the pervert professor know that he’s out of options and has chosen to work with a man he detests for her sake. But it’s funny how he’s playing ping pong with Woo Chul’s emotions by constantly changing his mind about working with him.

Desperation is a bitch, isn’t it? Because no one would have criticized Woo Chul if he’d gotten mad and told him to kick rocks.

Our hero believes that No Ra is in love with her cheating husband thus, refuses to let her die in misery. Is that why he made the couple meet at his place? Is he trying to save her marriage?

Soon Nam, the b-boy (?) partner. Is he supposed to fall for her too? They made him a little older than her other classmates and have him already feeling sorry for her. Will that turn into a crush? I kind of hope not. I just want to see his reaction when he learns that she’s the woman in the video.

Yi Jin and Woo Chul. Argh, this cheating couple. I bet their relationship is what prompted him to seek a divorce because I suspect that she was already in the picture in 2013. Flashbacks reveal that No Ra raised their child with very little help from her husband implying that he never loved her and only needed her as a glorified nanny for his son (and the timing of the divorce validates this) but his reaction when Yi Jin asked for confirmation regarding the new contract implies that he might have some subconscious feelings he’s suppressed and will most likely fight to keep the marriage at the end. Or perhaps this is just me projecting because I expect this.

And maybe it’s what I hope? Because Yi Jin needs to be brought back to earth as she’s already planning a marriage to a still married man.

I still don’t care about Min Soo’s relationship. Even getting some background via the flashback didn’t help at all. I wish they would kill it already.

This show is more of a light drama than a romantic comedy so it’s difficult to pick a funniest scene. The stalking/diary return sequence was cute, though.

What I wonder is if No Ra revealed any secrets in her drunken state. But how typical that everything she said was confirmation to him that she’s dying soon. LOL. That’s the funny part this week – that he thinks she’s dying the minute she learns that she’s not. I wonder if his TA will help clear this misunderstanding.

As it currently stands, he may think of theirs as a tragic romance – which it could be with her husband still in the picture – but at least soon, he’ll learn that the tragedy isn’t due to death.

Anyway, I like this week’s episodes because No Ra has a goal, is becoming a stronger woman, is’making friends and isn’t that hung up on her husband. Now, all they need to do to make me happy is get cracking on her romance with Hyun Suk.

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  • heartoppaya says:

    I really like Soon Nam. I think he is an interesting character. I too like to see his reaction when he meets his “Cinderella”, that ought to be filmed. I too hope he won’t fall for her a lot. A crush maybe. Maybe he’s tuned to be Bok Dongie in this drama? Soon Nam is so far my favorite character. Well, apart from No Da and Hyun Sun, and weirdly enough, Woo Chul.

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