Upcoming K-drama to watch-out for!

K-dramas come and go so fast! For the next season, here are the drama’s that will be served. 2015 K-drama is closing in with a bang!

1. Answer Me 1988 (tvN)

Surely the third instalment for the Answer Me Series will charm us giving the viewers a chance to look back on what life is in 1988. PD Shin Won Ho have my full trust already, I won’t be shaken. I’m assured that even if the female lead selection was controversial, PD Shin’s decision is valid.

To tell you honestly I know nothing about the cast except some of the original who will be coming back. My favourite Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa will return together with my love, Kim Sung KyunGo Kyung Pyo, who I’ve watched in Flower Boy Next Door and Tomorrow Cantabile, could definitely add fun and laughter in this ensemble.

Apart from them, Hyeri, Park Bo Gum, Ryu Hye Young, Ahn Jae Hong, and Ryu Joon Yeol completes the cast. I haven’t seen any of them from any projects before, or if I did they are among those actors who went under my radar. This series is a chance for them to shine. I have read that the plot won’t have the husband misery, I mean mystery this time around. What a relief! I will look forward to a fresh, family-focused series with a dash of love and a pinch of sweetness here. This will premiere right after Twenty Again.

2. Oh My God (KBS)

The casting alone surely sent shock waves across K-dramaland.

So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah has been confirmed to take the leading roles. But here’s the catch, the time slot is still under negotiation pushing the premiere to December! I’m waiting anxiously for this drama even if the premise isn’t really enticing. So Ji Sub is said to play a role of a fitness trainer and Shin Min Ah will embark on a fitness challenge to lose weight. As if they need it. Unless Shin Min Ah is an obese kid growing up and decided to change her image.

I think they are aiming to teach the audience to live a healthy life. Who could be greater ambassadors of that than these two, right? Let’s all extend our patience and wait for this drama.

3. Cheese in the Trap (tvN)

The casting for this upcoming drama is finally completed. tvN is known for casting newbies and launching successful careers. Is this drama going to be one of many?

The drama Cheese in the Trap (치즈인더트랩) is based on a popular LINE webtoon written and illustrated by Soon Kki. This year school life has been a main theme and this drama will also have the same set-up dealing with College students. Hong Seol has the true makings of a K-drama heroine: determined, independent, hard working and smart. I hope that the adaptation could live up to the hype that the webtoon fanbase created.

Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun will headline the drama. Nam Joo Hyuk has been added recently to complete the love triangle. This will be my first time to meet all the actors and I’m excited to see them work their magic. We can never have enough of the typical college life mixed with romance and growing-up woes in K-drama. There’s always room for more.

4. Six Flying Dragons (SBS)

Yoo Ah In is back with another sageuk drama. I have to admit that I haven’t watched Yoo Ah In in a series not since Sungkyunkwan Scandal. This new drama might bring me back to watching a sageuk and endure it. The Joseon Era never rans out of story to tell. We will be showered by political issues, palace life, poverty, fight scenes and of course, love. There will be more ingredients added into the mix. I hope this one will be easy to digest and not too bloody, please!

Besides Yoo Ah In, other casts include Shin Se Kyung (Girl Who Sees Smell) who will play as Byun Yo Han‘s (Misaeng, Ex-girlfriend Club) younger sister and Yoon Kyun Sang (The Time We Were Not in Love). Interesting! The men are going to flaunt their best unkempt look for sure. I bet Yoo Ah In will remain supreme *coughbiascough*. Byun Yo Han and Yoon Kyun Sang are warriors guarding different posts. Shin Se Kyung is Yoo Ah In’s love interest but her Oppa Byun Yo Han won’t make the relationship easy. A sageuk drama is filled with hardship, and this will be no different.

Release date is this coming October 5. Block your Monday and Tuesday evenings for this, because I surely will.

5. Bubblegum (tvN)

I haven’t seen Lee Dong Wook for a long time. I’m glad he’s back and he will be acting for the second time with Jung Ryeo Won. 

Lee Dong Wook is a Doctor here while Jung Ryeo Won will play a radio PD. The two will fall in love and live happily together, and I’m assuming some future mother-in-law conflicts in between. The premise is like any other Korean drama plot out there but surely the actors will bring more to the plate. Let’s cross our fingers that the story is written well. I can endure watching a simple plot, as long as it has the heart to entertain me, I’m all in.

I’m still waiting for the official stills that will surely come out this September in preparation for the October premiere. It is also a Monday-Tuesday drama slot. I think October will be a busy month.

6. She Was Pretty (MBC)

Korean Dramas surely knows how powerful “first love” is, proving it again in this series. Resident CK Author Angie have shared the teaser and official posters already. I am more intrigued to see Choi Siwon, he has grown into a gorgeous man! Add to that, he definitely succeeded on making me laugh. I may sound like a newbie but I am not familiar with Hwang Jung Eun because I haven’t watched any of her dramas. Park Seo Joon is forgettable in Dream High 2. There is a first time in everything, so I’d gladly get to know them in this drama.

The premiere episode will be on September 16, go check it out!



  • Mil says:

    Park Seo Joon was great in “Witch’s Romance”
    It sounds like you haven’t watched since u are talking about Dream High2. You should watch

    • leila108 says:

      Hi Mil! Witch’s Romance is a noona-dongsaeng type of drama, which is actually not the genre I’m used to watching often. I’ve read reviews from that show, so I have hopes that watching Park Seo Joon in She Was Pretty would be delightful.

  • yagzb says:

    Hwang Jung Eum was great in Secret and Kill Me Heal Me! So is Park Seo Joon in KMHM!!! They were siblings, and now they’re back as lovers (I assume). Really can’t wait for this drama!!!!

  • DPKT says:

    First of all, thank you Leila108 for this list I was wondering what will come next!
    I am delighted to see that tvN is really living up to their slogan: contents trend leader. ahah
    tvN is a station that grew up so much these last years.. It all started with the flower boys series right? Well they surelly nailed it, being different and fresh. For a cable station it really is a sucess case. Well thank you too tvN because you will surelly contribute for my K-drama addiction in the future! 🙂

  • rachel says:

    You haven’t mentioned the main star of Six Flying Dragons! Kim Myung Min!

  • CEC says:

    I always think Park Hae Jin face features resemble those lead guys in Manga/Manhwa in a real world.. Hoping the webtoon adoption came out well ❤

  • Nev says:

    Ahh man… I saw Dong Wook and for one very happy moment I thought it was about Shin Dong Wook, and that he had got better. Guess not though 🙁

  • elric says:

    Also exited with Reply 1988. Park Bo-Gum and Go Kyung Pyo reunited in another drama. I loved them in Tomorrow Cantabile.

    Also looking forward with Cheese in Trap. I have been looking for Park Hae Jin in another drama after YFAS. He\’s previous projects didn\’t really drew me in.

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