“Yong Pal” Episode 11 Preview

Both women make proposals in Episode 11. Chae Young wants a divorce while Yeo Jin wants a wedding. What do I want? For the drama to get back to the good ol’ days. I heard that Episode 10 was good. If I hear good things about this week, perhaps I’ll pick it up again and finish it to the end.

I surely hope there’s a twist to this marriage proposal. Her motive needs to be something other than romantic feelings.

Credit: SBS


  • Laura says:

    Como siempre,maravillosamente atrapante ! todo un equipo de extraordinarios actores y actrices.Muchas gracias a todos ustedes

  • wonwen says:

    OMO…Yeo Jin proposing him? why? I think her motive is just wanna revenge for the death of her father. Yeo Jin fighting! Awesome drama! Support be number one drama.

  • Ruth. Baker says:

    What a disappointment 11and 12 why did they have to bring in religion . What has that got to do with the story line and so much waste . What are the writers now trying to be missionaries?

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