“Twenty Again” Episode 5 Video & Written Previews

The ageism tones down next episode, and No Ra finally starts to blossom as a college freshman with the help of Hyun Suk (and a little misunderstanding about her mortality). But just as things are looking up, it looks like her son will learn about her educational pursuits. And why are our leads and their pals back in high school uniform? 😉



Episode 5 Video Preview Translation, c/o MinLyn (from Soompi)

Soon Nam: Even though she has her own reasons for entering college much later, like the rest of you, she is also a freshman.

No Ra: Really happy to meet all of you. Do take care!

Woo Chul: What?! Your mom?! She is?!

Woo Chul: This is really…

Woo Chul: I’ll see you tomorrow …

No Ra: You are not married yet?

Hyun Suk: Because I am scared that I’d meet a woman who is like you …

No Ra: Omo!!! What shall we do? What shall we do? What shall we do?

Woo Chul: She (No Ra?) and Professor Cha are friends?

No Ra: I’m saying … Thank you … Today, I’m really thankful to you …

Episode 5 Written Preview, c/o MinLyn (from Soompi)

No Ra starts working for Hyun Suk in his office.

Thinking that No Ra may die very soon, Hyun Suk takes great pains to help her, granting her wishes before she departs blissfully (?)

In addition, No Ra being the main lead (dancer) in the video clip is finally revealed. Hence, she begins to join the dance club.

The sexual harassment case has also been resolved smoothly.

The (dance) club, which she very much desires to join, has also been fulfilled.

As No Ra plans to enjoy her life (as a student) in college, however, she finds herself in a crisis when she is caught by her son attending school.

Sources  |  tvN  |  Soompi, c/o MinLyn

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  • paloma says:

    Eeeekkk so excited for tomorrow’s episode!!!

    I’m so glad things are moving along nicely and that some of these plot points are getting resolved quickly.

    If only we got her divorced already tehehe but it’ll be fun to see Woo chul squirming around for some time xD

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