“Twenty Again” Week Three Thoughts

It was another nice week of “Twenty Again.” I think “nice” best describes it because it’s not a particularly hilarious or intense or dramatic or action-filled drama. It’s kind of like a nice summer breeze….

What I love about this show is that secrets aren’t being used to create misunderstandings to drive high drama. Instead, they are generally used for dramatic irony with an added bonus of humor. It was funny when No Ra changed her life because she thought she was dying and also hilarious to see the great lengths Hyun Suk has gone to to ensure that she dies happily. LOL. Why is his torture funny?

I might as well start there. Did Hyun Suk have a peaceful night’s sleep in these episodes? I think not!

Upon learning that she was dying, he made it his duty to give her a peaceful passage. I love how the writer contrasts his general attitude with Woo Chul’s. Last week, he didn’t impose his beliefs and instead, let her choose how to use the video recording. It’s important because it allows her to grow. And she’s definitely growing, as this week, she apologized to the kids for not recognizing the tight spot they were in.

Not that I think she could have taken it either way but I like how realistic this is because I truly believe that you can’t please everyone. Despite getting rid of the cancer that was that professor, there were still kids griping that she will continue to act like a parent: damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Anyway, last week’s episode ended with the epic meet-up and we’ve now learned that Hyun Suk did it to protect her. He tells her husband that she’s a high school friend helping him out to give her an excuse to be on campus.

The guy was plain adorable in these episodes. He got her to experience things like watching a late-night movie and eating street food. Did she and her husband have a one night stand then meet up when she got pregnant because it’s like they didn’t have a fun dating relationship

As mentioned, tons of secrets were revealed this week.

This wasn’t an intentional one but No Ra’s classmate learned that she was the lady in the video and as a result, she joined their club. Despite her age, she’s getting the full college experience like calling him “sunbae” and cleaning their rehearsal room. I think he’s a bit tickled by the fact that someone her age has to speak respectfully to him.

Joining that club led to her son stumbling upon another secret  – that she’s his classmate. He’s mortified and immediately tattled to his dad.

I would loathe to attend the same college as my mother because I would always feel her eyes watching me but regardless, what a whiny, little boy.

Father and son try to force her to resign but she stands firm. Her husband really tried it with the emotional blackmail, indirectly calling her a bad mother but I really love how she explained her point of view to her son and told him to deal with it.

Not letting someone in on a secret led to a drama this week. I understand why Hyun Suk kept Woo Chul’s infidelity from Sang Ye but given that they were partners in their little “production” to make No Ra’s dreams come true, he should have explained why he wasn’t involving her husband in his plans.

Due to her ignorance, Sang Ye handed expensive show tickets to Woo Chul so that he could take No Ra with her while Hyun Suk gave No Ra tickets so she could experience the show.

This led to another secret being revealed.

See why I like this show? They didn’t tease us with endless episodes of No Ra almost catching her cheating husband and instead, realistically, she caught them when they were at the same place, at the same time.

It would have been awesome if she had let them see her but I don’t think she’s there yet. Besides, this will give her some time to gather information on them. The best part was that Hyun Suk failed in protecting her from the truth. We still get the typical White Knight antics from the male lead but the writer isn’t treating her female lead like a porcelain doll. She might have felt inadequate and insecure throughout her marriage but she can still tap into the strength she’s buried deep within her for a long time.

Woo Chul. Woo Chul. Woo Chul. How must it feel to lose complete control? He’s like a jailer dealing with a rebel inmate. He’s long punished her for the ignorance he caused by isolating her, and now that she’s getting worldlier and smarter in their dealings, he doesn’t know what to do. She’s no longer the Ha No Ra he easily intimidated and who would apologize instead of challenging him.

Plus he’s getting more worried and obsessed now that she’s doing things without his permission and hanging out with a powerful guy. What can he do? He’s distracted which is affecting his relationship with his “perfect mate.”

Am I the only person who got annoyed by how many times he tried to make her quit school? He sounded like a broken record.

Something I like is that No Ra didn’t break down upon learning of his infidelity and was calm enough to trace it back to his first request for a divorce. She cried on her friend’s shoulder but picked herself up and continued with her life. Now that her husband is attempting to blackmail her with money, I love that she’s working to sustain herself. I don’t know what kind of contract they signed but there’s no way she’s not entitled to some alimony.

I’m off two minds here. I want him to be the typical loser husband who gets jealous and regrets his decision but I would also like this show to thwart clichés and have him stick to his guns. However, I think it will end up as the former given how everything is going.

Hyun Suk helps No Ra cross another item off her bucket list by setting up a high school gathering.

The trip down memory lane was entertaining and sweet. We learned that Hyun Suk has been there from the very beginning. In the span of a few minutes, No Ra not only won over the high school bully, but the heart of a male student standing a few feet away.

While Hyun Suk is doing this to help No Ra, he’s inadvertently helping himself as he loosens up a bit. He’s wound-up rather tightly, isn’t he? I really enjoyed seeing him dance at the club because I doubt he’s had that much fun in a long time.

The negative side effect of all this is that in the past, his memories kept him from moving on but spending time with her is making him fall for her in the present time. Which makes her impending death more painful. Poor thing. She’s a married woman, Bro!

Another secret gets uncovered. The very job No Ra gets to gain financial freedom might be what reveals an alternate love interest to her. Hyun Suk freaks out upon learning of her job which loosens his tongue and forces him to confront her about working so hard with pancreatic cancer. Am I the only one who laughed?

I’d wondered if he’d get mad and revert to his mean ways but he was sincerely pleased with the news… although only the devil wouldn’t be happy to hear that their friend is healthy.

What does this mean for him? Will he pursue her now that they are both aware that she’s in an unhappy marriage? He’s not yet privy to the divorce so I can’t guess what he’ll do. It already looks like he’s begun to play mind games with Yi Jin. Does he want to break them up?

In dramas, the littlest body contact can lead to a person questioning feelings and I hope that happens here because it’s about time for No Ra to start falling for our guy.

I guess that’s what I’m looking forward to. That, and learning more of Hyun Suk’s secret relationship with No Ra’s grandma (there’s more, right?).

Till next week.


  • Jillian says:

    Thank you for the recap! I am loving this drama so much. It is a fun and inspiring show. Also i think it has a lot of heart.
    Love love love Choi Ji Woo and Lee Sang yoon!!!!!!

  • Sen says:

    Thank you so much. You wrote what most of us watching the drama felt. This is one of the best drama I’ve watched this year. Well TVN never let me down. I agree and concur with everything you wrote. Can’t wait for the next episode. P/s…I am also so in love with Cha Hyun Suk

    Have a great day

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