A Review: My Pretend Girlfriend (Japanese)

You’ve never fallen for someone, have you? – Momose

Youth has always brought us so many questions. During that time, we don’t know most of the answers.  It maybe hard to fathom then, but as we grow older we’ll have a better understanding about the things we used to ask. After all, youth is the time of discovery. It’s the time to experience everything for the first time.

Let’s take on the journey of Noboru and Momose as both experienced love, heartache and the joy of their youth.

No matter how many words we exchange

Or how long I lend you my shoulder, or share my kindness

I knew that

The person you’re seeking

Would never be me

Brief summary:

Aihara Noboru (Taro Takeuchi) is the timid boy in class, the kind who stares out the window most of the time if he’s not holding a book. He is the complete opposite of his Senior who is known as the campus heart-throb, Miyazaki (Asuka Kudo). He can have any girl he wants, while Noboru can’t have even one. Miyazaki’s reputation is about to be tarnished when rumour starts to surface that he is a two-timer. Miyazaki devised a plan to keep the beautiful Tetsuko Kambayashi (Anna Ishibashi) from believing the rumours.  He asked Noboru to date his other girlfriend, Hikaru Momose (Akari Hayami). She’s the type to do anything for love, and obediently succumbs to his will. Stupid. And she knows it.

Everything is a fairy tale for a girl in love, Momose is no different. She is bold and cheerful, Noboru receives her moods with minimum protest. He gives her the freedom to be herself. I like that a lot.

Noboru got entangled in the love square. He was just dragged at first and can’t do anything about it. Eventually, he found himself willingly tagging along, for Momose’s sake. They spend every school day together and breaks the pretence once they are outside the school grounds. To be honest even if they were pretending, their relationship is more real compared to Miyazaki and Tetsuko whose relationship is covered with dishonesty.

When everything was revealed, Noboru wished he never knew Momose, but his friend thought otherwise. For him it’s better to experience love than not have it at all. His innocent friend knows better! Cute.

Noboru experienced how small things were magnified because of his love for Momose. It’s more than just holding her hands, or eating lunch with her, or lending her shoulders so that he can rest, or the happiness it brought him seeing her bond with his Mother. It’s that wonderful feeling of having experienced these for the first time that made it special. The worse part is even if they were just pretending, he felt something true. Aww. I just want to hug Noboru!

The definition of love varies. For Noboru love is the feeling that drives you crazy, your mind is about to explode. Your heart beats a million times in a second, it wants to burst out of your chest. You don’t even have the power to stop it, love just grows more and more until it consumes you. For Momose, love allowed her to do the most stupid things, and she won’t even feel ashamed. Love gave her the courage to endure the pain to keep her love close. For Miyazaki, love is his way to secure his dream. I think for Tetsuko, she holds on to the love that she have. She can’t let go of it easily, like a habit.

I really love watching movies that has an old theme. Showing the past and bringing us there makes it special. The past makes the present more meaningful. There is no better time to watch something old but now! I hope you’ll enjoy watching this as much as I did.

I deliberately left out the adult version. For those who haven’t watched this, you still have something to discover 🙂 Hints were spread throughout the movie. It was fun uncovering the secrets.

Until next time!

Credits: Weaver | noroch | A-Sketch Music Label | My Asian tv


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