“She Was Pretty”: Hwang Jung Eum Works, Spies, & Gets Wasted


Twenty Again is the only show I mildly care about at the moment, and the rest seems underwhelming. However, She Was Pretty joins the current roster, and because I want to like it badly, I hope it will live up to the teasers’ promise … and that might also depend on Hwang Jung Eum.

I think all of the show’s leads will charm, but Jung Eum might outshine the other three. She held up her own in Kill Me, Heal Me, but here, as seen in these stills, she’s acting as admirably far out there as Ji Sung did for his character with multiple personalities. She dives into her character, who’s a bit crazy whether she’s drunk or sober at work or while spying (possibly on her friend and her first love). Heh.




Source  |  stoo.asiae.co.kr


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