“Yong Pal” Episode 14 Preview

I don’t even know what’s happening but why does Chief Lee’s face make me laugh so much?

Credit: Uploader, SBS


  • Anu says:

    I am not sure what really happen since there is no sub. But from what i guess, he seems to tell the truth that TaeHyun’s mom is dead because all the doctors went to save Yeo Jin on the day of her accident or something like that. I am not sure if I am correct, but I just heard the word “Omma” from Chief Lee, which refers to mom in English. Also, judging by the Taehyun’s sad expression, I can just draw a bit of conclusion about it.

  • Soyjade says:

    Joo-Won looks like he needs at least 48 hours of straight sleep. The show is almost back on track, but it has not reached the excitement of the first episodes for me.

  • kdramafan says:

    This is one of the great drama in 2015, Joo woon really did great since ep1.
    I like kim tae hee too,Pretty and smart. Nice chemistry between the two. I can’t wait for the next episode..

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