“She Was Pretty” Episode 3 Preview

What a cute story! I really enjoyed the pilot, particularly all the cute flashback scenes.  It was a little predictable because despite not watching any trailers or reading much about this drama beforehand, I kind of expected her to switch places with her friend. But oftentimes, execution is more important than originality, right? I just wonder when he’ll find out who Hye Jin really is.

I really love the friendship between the ladies so l hope they keep Ha Ri in character and she doesn’t end up falling for her friend’s first love.

Episode 2 ended with Sung Joon confronting fake Hye Jin after seeing her on the street. Girl, aren’t you supposed to be in England? LOL

And dang, Sung Joon, chill on all your yelling. If you’re not careful, you’ll burst a vein.

Credit: MBC

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