tvN Releases Two 15-Second “Bubblegum” Teasers (Correction: That’s 3 Teasers!)

tvN’s Bubblegum, the drama reuniting Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won since their 2003 sitcom, has come out with two three 15-second teasers.

In one teaser, they seem like hesitant lovers, opening themselves up for a rather guarded and dispassionate hug. What does this say about their characters in the story? Heh. They’re even more awkward in the other, but eh, she got to feel his butt! 😀 That’s like a must in every K-drama fangirl’s bucket list! 😀 Well, it’s on mine!

He plays a hospital director who cares for his mom, while she plays a PD at a radio station and needs taking care of because of her clumsiness and impatience. Since he’s a selfless guy, he might just be the person to watch over her. Although they have individual personal problems, it seems that their union will bring them happiness, but will it really be that simple for these two? The teasers appear to beg to differ.

Bubblegum is slated to air on October 26.




Source  |  tvN


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