“Cheese In The Trap”: Introducing Park Hae Jin As A College Senior


Mind you, the show isn’t due out till December, but the hype around Cheese In The Trap is slowly growing. Park Hae Jin‘s agency, WM Company, have released the first official stills of Park Hae Jin as university senior Yoo Jung.

He looks like a regular college student, dressed in a button-down top, jeans, and sneakers. The backpack slung over his shoulders makes it even more believable 🙂 He must have had a late class, as he walks along a path (on campus?) at night.

His countenance is kind of hard to read … he seems cool and a bit pensive … Wonder what’s occupying his thoughts …

Although he seems pretty much the ideal guy, Yoo Jung has a dark/dangerous nature to him. Will viewers (who’ve never read the webtoon) find out on the first episode? Well, I’m curious!




Source  |  WM Company FB



  • Selina says:

    Yoo Jung! Yeah I can buy him as a college/university senior (6th year one). It’s eery how much he looks like the magna character and seeing him in Bad Guys they better go as dark as he is in the webtoon cause because boy is a borderline sociopath. I am really looking forward to the drama adaption. Please don’t let it be a flop like too many adaptions have been lately.

  • Sorry to disappoint you but ILCITT WASN’T A FLOP,PARK HAEJIN WAS AWESOME,And he was so good the original webtoon writer only ask PHJ back to reprise his role and she hired a whole new cast with him,SO SHUT THE FUCK UP HATER

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