“Twenty Again” Episode 9 Video & Written Previews

Even if it is a bit predictable, Twenty Again keeps getting better.

I’ve always been more interested in No Ra’s relationship with her son and less in her love life, but at the end of episode 8, it seemed pretty clear that Hyun Suk and her hubby-in-name-only have rekindled their old feelings for her. Heehee. So yeah, now, I’m excited! The guys’ usual semblance of control is being rattled by No Ra, who’s just being herself—well, her old self. 🙂 Up on that stage, they saw the No Ra they formerly knew—confident and devil-may-care. Heh, however, it looks like they’ll initially try to resist their feelings, but we know how long that will last given how prone they are to childish emotions. Triangle on! Heeh. But is there a triangle if No Ra remains oblivious about how the guys feel about her?

Meanwhile, it seems Min Soo makes a discovery … could it be about his parents’ divorce agreement?



Episode 9 Written Preview, c/o MinLyn from Soompi

No Ra really shines on the stage at the school festival.

Off-stage, Hyun Suk’s and Woo Chul’s heart thump (while watching her).

Each of them starts reminiscing about what it was like 20 years ago and how they had fallen for No Ra. These are subtle, emotional memories.

In addition, to confirm the Memorandum of Agreement that Min Soo entered with his dad, he opens up his dad’s desk drawers and finds something there …

Sources  |  tvN DRAMA  |  Soompi, c/o MinLyn & Ahpheng


  • dwarfie says:

    I hope they dun let No Ra get back with that jerk of a husband, regardless if he regrets it or not. He had 20 yrs to love and cherish her and he totally wasted it. She doesn’t need a man in her life at all. But if the writer really really wants to pair her up, please let it be someone worth her while. Prof grumpy pants maybe

  • stuartjmz says:

    I’d actually really like it if she ended up with NEITHER. Since that’s unlikely to happen, I have no real preference. Both are selfish immature jerks in different ways. Also, I think you mean “his parent”, not “her parents”

    • goodange says:

      Yeah, I noticed that mistake earlier, but I had no way of getting into our blog then. I’m still at work, so, I can’t correct it till later. Believe me, it’s been pestering me. LOL.

      I’m also okay if she ends up with neither, but I do find it amusing that she has an effect on them, and all she’s doing is being pretty much herself, doing her thing.

  • myra do says:

    We’re enjoying watching this comedy drama, there was an incredibly and hilariously Teamwork among the main/lead casts. It fascinated us, good actors and good storyline. Perfectly delivered. Keep it up!

  • AlekaOnu says:

    Aigoo Hyun Suk is so fearless, he admitted to Woo Chul that he likes Nora.

    Yup the son found the agreement about his parents’ divorce once he has gone to college or university.

  • Camry says:

    I like the egoistic zombie chemistry of na ra n the husband. He acts funny and unusual so different from his I remember you character. Grumpy 😡 professor is totally into her and he does bring out the best of her though. I’d go with anyone of them the two guys perfected their role both ways..

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