Jo Jung Seok Fancies The Tokyo Rain For Singles’ October 2015 Editio

Singles has released October spreads of Jo Jung Seok, relishing the rainy streets of Tokyo.

The actor is promoting his new film, The Exclusive: Beat The Devil’s Tattoo (aka Scoop: Liang Chen Murder Record), which will be released next month.

Here’s he plot (per AsianWiki):

Moo Hyuk (Jo Jung Seok) is about to lose his job and go through a divorce. He receives a memo by a serial killer and lands a scoop. Moo Hyuk then learns that the memo is a phrase from the Chinese novel “Liang Chen Murder Record” and the scoop is a mistake.

Meanwhile, the newsroom, unaware of of the mistake, awaits for Moo Hyuk’s report and the police are pressing for more information. Making things worse, a witness who is aware of the truth appears.

A murder case then begins following Moo Hyuk’s false report.

Source  |  Singles

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