“The Village: Achiara’s Secret” Episode 1 Preview (UPDATED)

October starts next week, and with The Village: Achiara’s Secret airing on the 7th, the publicity for it should ramp up.

SBS has just released the preview for the first episode (or consider this the 5th teaser?), and it seems Moon Geun Young‘s Han So Yoon won’t have to wait for danger to chase her, but she is ready to fight it. How much will she uncover in the first episode?

Although this drama is a mystery-thriller with 16 episodes, I hope the pace won’t flounder due to fillers. Like Clock mentioned, it’d be nice to see lots of fascinating twists—but sensible ones.

Update: SBS has also released a 1-minute preview. Check it out below!


25-Second Preview


1-Minute Preview



Source  |  SBSNOW


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