Flavour of the Week: Choi Si Won

Isn’t it nice to have a man who sees the real beauty in you?

Kim Shin Hyuk (Choi Si Won) fondly calls Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) as Jackson. Cute. He already caught my attention when I saw the teasers for She Was Pretty. Now that the story is slowly letting us know him more, my heart is telling me he is the one for keeps. #SLSalert

Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin are not the main pairing but they look good together! Shin Hyuk successfully caught my heart and now I’m trapped. SLS is creeping up. I don’t mind enjoying the other half of the triangle, and save the heartache for later. Right now, I’m not swinging anywhere but on his side. This will not lead to a lasting love. It’s just the kind of love that is meant to be felt from afar. Sometimes standing at a distance is better.

And to feel the warm smile on his face makes it all worth it.

Choi Si Won is so charming and funny as Kim Shin Hyuk. I can’t believe he is the guy from Spring Waltz. He grew up to be a delectable man. Fangirls unite! He is doing a great job so far. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds his character endearing. Who wouldn’t? Shin Hyuk is a man who sees a woman beyond her face value. Although he loves to make fun of Hye Jin, he is the only one who cares about her, in and out of the office. He’s not the typical second lead stalker but he’s the guy who will be there when you need a friend. Or a drinking buddy. Just saying’.

Tune in next week as I choose another actor or actress in a featured drama here at Couch Kimchi. See you!


  • goodange says:

    Back then, I would have agreed he’s hot … Okay, he is, physically, but knowing that he’s against same-sex equality and supports Kim Davis just puts me off completely.

    • leila108 says:

      That’s sad to know. But since we are in K-dramaland, I’d rather focus on Choi Si Won as Kim Shin Hyuk than anything outside of it.

      • goodange says:

        Yeah, I see that 🙂

        Honestly, though, it is hard for me to watch She Was Pretty because of him … Heh. Whenever he comes on screen, I always think, “Too bad you’re a homophobe …” Ugh, and I loved him in Oh! My Lady. But sometimes, for me, the celebrity isn’t easy to separate from the character. (Heh, which also explains why I can’t/don’t watch Tom Cruise films.)

        • susan says:

          You never know if he might change and what I read is his belief is because of his faith. People don’t really change until one of their good friends or family pops up gay.That is what happened to my husband. In his faith, it is a sin, but one of his good friends came out and he had to sort of adjust. Some of the nicest people I know have a hard to understanding the gay thing because of what they are told at church. Look at Mark Wahlberg, he’s done a complete turn around so you never know.

          We are all flawed, so I am going to continue enjoying his infectious smile and the twinkle in his eye. He is just too much fun to watch.

          P.S. I can’t watch woody allen after he married his girlfriend’s daughter too icky. Tom Cruise is just a lost little boy

          • goodange says:

            I know what it’s like to grow up in a devoutly religious household and being taught about things that the church doesn’t support, so, I know that change for Siwon won’t be overnight. And it’s true that sometimes, it takes a momentous event to stimulate that change. Sure, he can change, and I would hope he would on this social issue. Anybody can change, and I would be among those to praise him if his stance on gay marriage transforms into a supportive one. I champion people taking steps to be better, and there’s room for more supporters of the LGBT community.

            I can’t even with Woody Allen. There’s also Roman Polanski. Yeah, ugh yuck.

        • Denali says:

          Choi Si Won’s tweet has been largely misunderstood. Not to mention the thin line he has to walk on between his real/official persona, knowing his family, friends, managers, fans follow each of his moves. He’s kinda caught-up between what he believes/thinks and what he is expected/supposed to show. Netizens have been so very quick to draw the wrong conclusion and act judgmentally, as usual. Just because he may not look favorably upon gay marriage does not make him a homophobe in the least. He does not hate gays because they are gays. In fact he does not hate them AT ALL. Labelling him as such is not appropriate and true.

          • goodange says:

            I’m sorry, but I don’t think there’s anything to misunderstand. And I’ve done my own research on him (and his intolerant father), and it’s clear that he has some prejudice against the gay community. Here are just a couple of finds (referencing an interview he had done with the Yale Globalist):



            I’m not saying he hates gay people, but he does “not wish to acknowledge homosexuals” and he doesn’t believe in equal rights for them, as demonstrated by his re-tweet of a link to an article defending Kim Davis’ religious “right” to be a bigot, illegally denying same-sex couples to marry. Homophobia isn’t strictly about hating gays; it’s also in the form of believing that morally and legally, gays don’t deserve the same rights afforded to heterosexuals. Such a belief perpetuates the warped idea that gays are second-class citizens.

            And he is in the public eye, so, he will always be judged. If he and others don’t want him to be judged harshly, then, maybe he should think about what he puts out there first.

            I’m sorry to have this disagreement with you, and I hope there won’t be personal hard feelings between us. I believe he is a good guy. I don’t doubt that, but on the issue of same-sex equality, I think it’s clear where he stands, and I don’t agree with it.

            • amy says:

              yeah, except that can’t possibly be a real interview considering siwon couldn’t speak english in 2007, super junior wasn’t even international in 2009 let alone taking interviews with yale undergrads, those are english words i am positive he couldn’t say now even if he tried even though his english is pretty good now and it’s still not how he speaks, there are no citations or translator credit or explanations for the meeting that seems impossible, and considering siwon is friends with gay celebrities who actually like him, i don’t think it’s true that he “doesn’t acknowledge homosexuals.”

              he is ignorant about gay marriage/lgbtq rights and has a long way to go to understand that, but he apologized basically saying that he didn’t understand and that he will work on trying to and actually reflect on his beliefs, so while i can’t say he doesn’t hold a homophobic view, i also think people should stop validating an interview that literally makes no sense, considering he’s never said anything like that in actual interviews that don’t seem shady as hell, and false information circulates about super junior every day. i hope he educates himself, but other than his homophobic view on same sex marriage, he has literally never done anything homophobic and he even though he publicly supports gay cleebrities in korea other celebs/idols/tv persona shun solely for their sexuality, so i wish people would stop pretending that he’s the worst of the worst when he’s at best, as ignorant as 40% of the americans who also don’t understand same sex marriage, a lot of whom support gay rights until it comes to marriage because their ignorant and should educate themselves, not because they’re being hateful. siwon acknowledging he was wrong and also needs to educate himself is one thing he’s doing that even those americans aren’t, so i have hope for him.

              • goodange goodange says:

                It’s also possible he was interviewed in Korean and it was translated in English. I have also read people deny the interview took place, but it also doesn’t make sense why this one would just be pulled out of the arse of an ivy league school’s magazine. Where’s also the proof that it isn’t a valid interview? Just because he has never talked about his views on LGBT in other interviews, doesn’t mean this one never existed. I’ll try to find a link (to a forum) that I came across why this interview might actually be a valid one. On the one hand, even on that forum there was much going back-and-forth about the veracity of the interview.

                In any case, we agree that he does have homophobic views and/or continues to have ignorant views about the LGBT community. As I said, I think he is a good guy. I don’t think he’s the worst, but I also don’t find him awesome the way I used to. It’s never too late for people to grow or learn, but I really can’t say I have the same kind of respect for him after the indirect show of support for Kim Davis and/or her belief via twitter. Though I’m sure when he’s more supportive of LGBT rights, I’ll be back to crushing on him, not that my fangirling or current lack of should ever matter. Anyway, a person doesn’t have to make verbal pronouncements in interviews to show where they stand; actions though subtle can speak volumes. The twitter incident demonstrates that, no matter how others would like to interpret it another way and regardless of his apology. I can respect he has an opinion, but it’s an opinion I don’t share and can’t respect.

  • redd says:

    I thought Kim Siwon acting is bad. But I am surprise to see a lot of positive comment about him in this drama. Thank you for this!

    Looking forward to your next post!

    Ps: Lately I enjoy Twenty Again SO MUCH xixi.

  • thomaso says:

    i have watched the first three scenes. why why has the female lead has to wear an afro and so much rouge to look like shes been drunk al the time?

  • NN says:

    @Thomaso the character has a frizzy hair condition as well as eczema – hence the afro like hairdo and apparent OD on rouge 🙂

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