“Twenty Again” Episode 10 Preview

I’m all for No Ra’s journey but this drama is moving at glacial speed! I know I complain about the same thing every week but when are they going to kick the romance up a notch? I know our heroine is married and all that great stuff but can we fast forward to the divorce and get a move on things? I don’t want the romance between No Ra and Hyun Suk to be implied as the final credits roll. 🙁

This is usually the point in the drama I start wishing that the bad couple stays together because very little is happening on the other front but since Woo Chul is a cheating jerk, I can’t even wish for that! 🙁 And I also won’t wish for No Ra to stay single because I want her to finally experience a nice romance. Writer, fix this ASAP!

What’s with that bike race, though?

Credit: tvN


  • nahaluk says:

    Maybe Wool Chul is trying to make her jealous?
    And are they on the open about him seeing another woman?!

  • thomaso says:

    sorry but the female lead has always to play a school girl in her early twenties(very early). I symply cant watch this anymore for the second time!

    • jmessl says:

      I don’t seem to understand your comment; “the female lead has always to play a school girl in her early twenties(very early)”.

      Ha No Ra is 38, this fact has already been established in the show – she had her child at 18-19. She isn’t cosplaying as a youngin’, she’s reliving her life as she would have done had she gone to college in her twenties.

  • redd says:

    Ha No Ra deserve to be happy.

  • mary of bethany says:

    i am very evil.
    i wish that useless Woo chul and his silly Perfect Art Class girl, bumped into a stone and fly into the lake… or face flat into some dog poo… buahahaha… just imagining it, make my Coming Sundays like New year days… “What a beautiful day…” then to add rainbow to the beautiful scene… huh… please allow HS to stop suddenly and caused Nora to hug him tightly from behind… or sent both of them knock to the floor hugging… hahaha… i didn’t know i am such a good writer… … kekekeke….

  • Jillian says:

    I agree that the divorce has to happen soon. I think it will. Cant wait for the romance to start😍😍😍 NR and HS go go go!!!!

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