Thoughts On “She Was Pretty” Week Two

Am I the only one really loving this drama? But I’m not sure it’s for the right reasons.

Most Korean dramas are romances and a huge part of the fun is watching the love story unfold. In this drama, I have to say that as of the end of Episode 4 (and this could very well change), I’m more interested in the individual characters, particularly the second leads.

Ha Ri struggled a lot this week. She must feel guilty every time Sung Joon mentions something specific to Hye Jin especially when he thanks her for the joy she brought to his life. She’s a tough girl who dates a lot for fun and not romance but spending time with Sung Joon has begun to make her a little sentimental.

As it was alluded to last week, she’s got a stepmother from her father’s remarriage after her mother passed. She doesn’t get along with this woman and I get the feeling that while her father loves her very much, he desperately wants to replicate the family dynamic they had with his previous wife.

Losing a mom is a connection she shares with Sung Joon. Of course, she can’t open up to him as Hye Jin but it helps us understand why she may be drawn to him.

I enjoyed watching them play speedminton (who knew this game existed?) and I am not upset that she’s not cut things off with him yet. I mean, the way he looks at her, takes care of her and the things he says…. she’s only human. Plus he’s mega cute. I’d melt into a puddle too! Hence, I don’t blame her for continuously convincing herself that it’s okay to hold on to the fantasy a little longer.

I would so love to see his real reaction if she told him she were engaged.

Shin Hyuk is a bright spot in Hye Jin’s dreary life and I love that he’s got her back. He loves tricking and teasing her and we learn that it’s because she reminds him of the little sister he lost. Why are the men in this drama still living in the past? Although I sympathize with him in this instance.

And to no one’s surprise, he’s the chaebol son if living in a hotel is any indication. I wondered why they didn’t let him meet Ha Ri when he brought Hye Jin home and got my answer in the final scene of Episode 4.

I suppose it will be a waste to ship him with Hye Jin if he only sees her as a sister.  I love what we learned about him this week and hope to see more.

Sung Joon is still the king of jerks. I tried to understand him last week but he really is an arrogant prick. I get that he’s trying to save the magazine but treating everyone badly is not the answer. Has he never heard of constructive criticism?

Biatch. He’s also got some issues. It seems that he loses peripheral vision and awareness of his surroundings when he’s playing a video game… yeah, I know it must be work but wouldn’t it be funny if he’s bumping into things because he’s playing Minecraft? He also only has water in his fridge. I sincerely hope there’s a reason other than weight management for this. There has to be as it should be related to why he has no tolerance for alcohol.

It’s like his message is correct but his delivery is awful. He’s got a good reason to avoid parties but his manner of wiggling out of them sends the wrong message. He needs his staff to step up their game but constantly scolding and belittling them can have the opposite effect. He really needs to rethink his style of communication.

He was awful to Hye Jin and I love that she made him understand that she wasn’t at fault for the airport mix-up. Of course, she incorrectly attributed it to him dismissing her but I’m glad that the waitress pointed out his problem (if he didn’t already know).

Hye Jin really needs to calm the hell down. I think one of the many reasons I love her friendship with Ha Ri is that she is able to keep her in check. She’s still acting insane but I love that she took her friend’s advice and got to learn more about the industry she’s been thrust in. I can’t wait for her to stop obsessing about Sung Joon so that she stops being so clumsy around him.

Question: Why didn’t she just ask for Ha Ri’s help with her makeup?

This episode made a good case for the leads ending with the second leads. They still made it clear that Sung Joon and Hye Jin are meant for each other with both taking photos of the pretty sky but we also got to see how they could get along with other people. I bet tons of viewers secretly wish the drama will pull a “Queen of Reversals” (lead ending with the second lead).

It was contrived that neither girl could be reached by the other when needed but it led to some fun scenes so I suppose that’s okay. I love that Ha Ri could still take care of herself even while drunk.

Hye Jin’s drunk dialing scene was funny to me because while from her perspective, telling him that she was the Kim Hye Jin was the confession, both men focused on the wrong thing and freaked out at her insult. LOL

Hye Jin’s bratty sister (I love that the actress gets to play two roles) will surely bring some complications next week seeing as she’s determined to hang out with Sung Joon.

While it is hard to fault Hye Jin for being startled, how I wish she hadn’t broken Sung Joon’s puzzle because I’m sure this is only going to make him hate her more. But Oh Drama Gods, don’t let Hye Jin have been carrying the missing puzzle piece in her pocket/purse so that Sung Joon finds it when he’s reassembling it. Please don’t let that be how he discovers the truth.

I have to say that I love how the writer is planting seeds for him to make the connection by having her say things she did as a kid and him seeing her with the umbrella.

I normally feel bad for victims of deception but I can honestly say that I don’t care about how Sung Joon will feel when he learns the truth. At least, not at this minute.

If he knew who Hye Jin was, he’d probably be treating her like a princess instead which makes him a fake person. He  sits there talking about how having Hye Jin next to him saved his childhood yet doesn’t think to pay her act of kindness forward. He, of all people, should know better which makes me yell: “Screw him!”

Will there be a romance between Ha Ri and Shin Hyuk? I hope so. I am glad that they’ve finally met and I wonder how this relationship will develop. If she learns of his connection to her bestie, I bet this will be a secret she’s asked to keep.

Left Handers Day? LOL. We learn new things everyday.

While I’m currently more about the individual journey, it’s not like I’ll get upset if Sung Joon gets a personality change and starts acting right. Seeing her with Shin Hyuk might eventually lead to jealousy but we must crawl before we walk which means that her smashing that puzzle shouldn’t lead to more yelling and put-downs. Jaebal? Instead, seeing her face closeup should trigger something. But I still want him to start treating her better before he learns the truth. Was that apology a start?

Hye Jin, get yourself together! It’s great that Shin Hyuk finds your neurosis cute but it’s largely because you remind him of his sister…. who was six years old. ‘Nuff said.

Ha Ri, don’t get lost in the fantasy. I understand your dilemma but you need to end this shit quickly before you get in too deep. You’re already changing your style which is not a good sign. Repeat after me: I can’t break the girl code. I can’t break the girl code. I can’t break the girl code. Say that as many times as you need to get your head screwed back correctly.

And now, I’ll impatiently wait to see if they all heed my advice.

Till next week.


  • bmore says:

    Agree, agree, agree, agree. And I am WAY over Hye Jin’s behavior and HJE’s over acting. I’m sure it’s what the director is asking for, but I detest this type of idiot juvenile slapstick comedy. And it’s always the girl and the guys just LOVE loud, obnoxious girls! Not. And the clothes and no attempts at makeup and hair techniques? IN KOREA!! How stupid do they think the audience is? And, like you said, she lives with someone who absolutely would have helped her. So, while I really am, like you, really really liking this drama and the characters and the acting and all….it’s just that character that is a huge irritant for me. There is no excuse nor any reasoning for her behavior given who she was growing up. Big disconnect there for me.

    • Alexis says:

      Oh my God! It’s like you took the words right out of my mouth! I’m totally with you on this. The overacting is killing me. Hye Jin is just so annoying when she’s screaming and yelling and overacting! Calm down girl! Plus, the young Hye Jin was so elegant and sweet, she’s totally someone else now, which does not make any sense.

  • leila108 says:

    Clock, you are not alone. i’m with you.

  • Mint says:

    You ‘re not the only one loving this drama.

  • Sen says:

    CK….be it Twenty Again or this drama …I find our views are very similar. Your review speaks my mind. Kudos !!! I can finally say I am not alone in feeling such way

    • Sen says:

      P/s….I hope Siwon is not joking about his sister…it will be refreshing to see him be a protector oppa for Hye Jin rather than an unrequited love lead. I really love his happy go lucky character in the drama. I agree with you abt sungJoon…why torment others if you already know the feeing / pain ….Sheeeessshhh…

  • jay says:

    I think a lot of people are sensitive to how Sung Joon has changed. Honestly though, people change and why should we expect him to be so humble and subservient?

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