Thoughts on “Twenty Again” Week Five

This is going to be pretty short because this drama is moving so slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowly.

I think what contributes to this feeling is the promise of a romance that isn’t happening. We get all these flashbacks and OTP scenes that foreshadow a future we’re not yet getting to. If I wasn’t impatiently waiting, I think I’d be more content with the pace and just sit back and enjoy watching No Ra’s journey with no expectations.

She’s come a long way as a woman, hasn’t she? The one night stand that turned into two decades of marriage veered her off her life’s course but she’s slowly finding her way again.

From her interactions with others, she’s finally begun to understand how limited her world is. How sad is it that a married woman has never been courted, talk less of been on a date? I felt for her when she looked around the park and saw what happy couples could look like. And the husband taking care of his child while his wife slept…. Le sigh.

She was so used to always yielding to others that she was blown away by Dan’s consideration.

But I will say that things are a tad too perfect right now with everyone loving her. I think that after a few setbacks, it’s been smooth sailing so I hope there’s some juicy conflict in the near future.

Woo Chul continues to be a selfish jerk. I think his main thing is losing control so he keeps coming up with ways to bribe No Ra into giving him what he wants. But she’s a different woman now.

He’s increasingly more jealous but I think his ambition makes it very difficult for him to give up on the life he wants.

He’s still living under the false impression that she loves him so I’m looking forward to his reaction to her wanting to speed up the divorce. We need this to happen like yesterday but I suspect we won’t be getting it next week. *sniff* Can we get there soon so that Hyun Suk can start openly pursuing her? Attempting to save her marriage is cute but he needs to learn of their divorce so that he can come up with a different plan. Writer, what do I need to sacrifice to make this happen?

Speaking of which, this guy needs to get it together already. I am glad that No Ra has warned him about his 180-degree personality changes because they are causing me whiplash! Grow up and stop acting like a kid who can only protect himself by being mean to the object of his affection.

What does Sang Ye want? It seems like she’s trying to help No Ra with her husband to keep Hyun Suk free but other times, it looks like she’d support him with No Ra. Whatever it is, I feel like they need to give her more to do on this show.

The son’s romance story line still bores me but I’m glad that he, too, now appreciates and understands his mom.

This is all I have to say. Woo Chul is entertaining in his own way but the divorce story line is becoming a drag particularly as it involves a couple I’m not rooting for.

Oh, I just remembered something. A couple I could root for is Soon Nam and Seung Hyun. I think they would be cute together and No Ra would love it!

It’s still a very pleasant watch but I already know that I will not be satisfied if we don’t get a full-fledged love story. But will a rushed romance be better than an implied one? Argh. Right now, I choose neither so Writer, for crying out loud, step on it!!!!!

And no, I don’t mean these two. Woo Chul is such a liar and user that I think she deserves better.

Till next week.


  • Houstontwin says:

    Don’t you think the Woo Chul will refuse to go thru with the divorce. He is clearly conflicted.

  • Laura says:

    Seguir agregando opiniones,sobra,son todos adorables,queda seguir esperando para ver los siguientes capítulos y disfrutar de ellos,Les dejo saludos a todos queridos couch-kimchi

  • Jillian says:

    I too really want the divorce to happen next week. i just want NR to be free of the crappy relationship with WC so she has no need to interact with him anymore.

    I think part of the reason the divorce was dragged too long is to flesh out NR’s self discovery and give her time to acclimate to single life. Also to avoid feeling that she jumped from one relationship to another.
    Personally i dont want her to begin anything with HS until that divorce is finalized because it could be taken against her.
    I also want MS to take a more active role in his Mom’s storyline. Rather than a side story with his boring gf.

    • houstontwin says:

      I think that MS only exists in the writer’s mind to bolster Mom’s story of motherly martyrdom (and graduating from that role!) and to further illustrate Hubby’s worthlessness.

  • Mil says:

    It probably will end up like the secondary couple in “Bad Couple” where he ends up getting jealous of the new guy and refusing to get a divorce. In that couple, she had a young son and he was demanding custody so in order to avoid that situation, he agreed to go America. but then he came back 🙂 So since Minsoo is grown.. hopefully will work out. BUT it may be one of those stupid open ended dramas where no one ends up with anyone. WHICH I HATE!! but it might. You never know how this will end up.

  • mary of bethany says:

    He doesn’t suspect her to know not just of his own passion, he too didn’t want her to know of WC’s infidelity, knowing that it will ruin her, even if it does stand a chance that she might leave him after knowing. He won’t take the chance for her hearts to be broken. Not at her expenses. He even rather, she will never know of his rekindled passion as a result. He wants to fade quietly, not goes with a bang.
    Fact that he is still watching over her, making sure WC doesn’t make her college life miserable, means he shall control his pain and stay as around to make sure WC will never ever make her miserable. If given if other guys, they would have disappear and try to forget her and move on to like others. He chose to stay around even if it pained him. While purposefully let WC knows Nora has suitor as she is attractive enough to have a renowned director liked her, to trigger his jealousy to treasure her more. His way of Pull all stops for her. this is unrequited love in its purest selfless form, surpass all other display of unrequited love in other dramas.
    while Hyun Suk doesn’t have the hunk looks of JooWon or Lee MinHo,but his Hyun Suk character’s unrequited love in his quiet way, surpassed many other drama’s male characters.

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