“She Was Pretty” Episode 5 Preview

Test preview translation courtesy of MinLyn on Soompi.

The basic gist is that our second leads will get closer and as a result, Ha Ri will open up to Shin Hyuk. She will also ask him to pretend to be her fiancé. This is probably related to some family drama but wouldn’t it be awesome if she introduces him to Sung Joon to end their dangerous relationship? Then Sung Joon will think Shin Hyuk is cheating on his precious Hye Jin with work Hye Jin and it’ll devolve into a comedy of errors. Make this happen, Writer!

In OTP land, Sung Joon will have a panic attack in the rain and Hye Jin will come to his rescue.

Video Preview:

Is it just me or do Shin Hyuk and Ha Ri look cute together?

Credit: MBC, Nonski@Soompi


  • Elena says:

    It’s not only you, I also like Shin Hyuk and Ha Ri together 🙂

    I think I like where this is going. Maybe Shin Hyuk and Ha Ri will start to like each other while he keeps a brotherly relationship with Hye Jin. I would love that!! The possibilities for Sung Joon getting jealous are infinite and this way Siwon would not be the pitiful second lead that we always see in dramas. I have my hopes high! 😀

  • Sen says:

    Finally….a story where we dun see the second hero falling for the leading lady…and has his own love story


  • Lhalina says:

    Omo! Shin Hyuk and Ha Ri definitely looks good together! It’s not an ordinary plot for the second male lead, i really love this OTP! 😀

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