“She Was Pretty” Episode 7 Preview

Ha Ri has lost favor with viewers now that she’s actively pursing Sung Joon. Well, I say, all is fair in love and war. Hmm, actually, not really. Despite liking Ha Ri I think what she’s doing is foul! It would be different if she were being honest with Hye Jin but she’s keeping secrets and falling for a man while pretending to be someone else. NOT GOOD!

On the OTP side, it looks like the writers have finally begun to build some chemistry between Hye Jin and Sung Joon. It only took long enough.

I’m good with them keeping this secret a bit longer so that Ha Ri can redeem herself. Please, redeem yourself, dammit! Oh yeah, and for Sung Joon to fall for Hye Jin on his own.

Credit: MBC


  • Dee says:

    Yes!! I’m glad Sung Joon is heading in the direction of falling for Hye Jin but please don’t let it be just because she reminds him of his first love. That can’t be the only reason!

  • Destiny Sosene says:

    I know that the show is making it out for Kim Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin as siblings but for some reason I want them to get together!

  • vie says:

    you know, what hari did, even if I understand where it comes from but it still scare me, disappoint me, somethings that possibly can ruin them just because you let out your greedy but then the heart already choose………….
    aaah… I hate a possibly ruined friendship

  • Aki says:

    Rather than hating HA Ri I pity her, liking a guy who only likes you back because she is in the shadow of his first love and her best friend at the same time. She also has family problem, her mom got chucked out or whatever and the new/old bitch is tormenting her and with that pep talk with shin hyeok she hug her greediness. I feel sorry for her..

    Besides I look forward to the “MOST-like” transformation of hye jin and I bet shin hyeok would put up a fight before he gives her up to sung joon.

  • Selidora says:

    I don’t think Shin Hyeok likes Hye Jin as a woman… he said he sees her as a little sister, that would be a little creapy.
    About Ha Ri, I don’t like her, the writers are trying to make us feel sorry for her with her sad familiar background but it’s not working…

  • Marilyn Ari says:

    I absolutely love this drama, the amazing plot and how good the actors are at their craft. Right now, we all love this drama bcus of the suspense betw Sung Joon and Hye Jin (that they dk theyre first loves)

    But i hope the writers dont push it too far and make the plot all about Hari becoming evil in pursuing Sung Joon and turning her back against Hye Jin. That would be not fun to watch anymore. No one likes a good friend turned bad right? Instead of focusing the entire plot of developing Hari as an evil character, i hope to see even more cute tension betw Sung Joon and Hye Jin <3 =D Like Hye Jin and SungJoon's love should be the bottom line not Hari becoming evil.

    I remember alot of kdramas that focus too much on the evil than the love. That totally spoils the great potential the drama has. Anyway, I love this drama!!

    • lets live in france says:

      I agree, too much evil is not fun!! I hope for the romance to develop deeper <3 <3
      I hope Sungjoon looks at Hye Jin with "man like eyes"
      (like how he did to Ori Gin in kill me heal me) * squeals in excitement*

      Anyone feels me? XD

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