“The Village: Achiara’s Secret”: Moon Geun Young Is Drenched & Terrified

A new still from production of The Village: Achiara’s Secret has been released, and it sells the show’s mystery-thriller theme.

In this scene, Moon Geun Young‘s Han So Yoon is being chased in the rain. She seems to have stopped running and appears ready to face her pursuer, as she arms herself against him. Although terrified, she awaits a confrontation and scans the wet and dark street for the offender. Who is after her? What will happen to her? Netizens are dying to find out!

It is said that for this scene, water was pumped and sprayed for five hours to get the perfect heavy rain atmosphere! It’s just about the same amount of time Moon spent being wet. Whether it’s wet or dry, it’s Moon’s terrified expression and the context that make this scene compelling.


Source  |  Newsen



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