“Twenty Again” Episode 11 Video & Written Previews

According to the text preview, Hyun Suk will be distancing himself from No Ra … AGAIN … or at least, try to … again.

However, the preview seems to give hope to Clock and other fans that in the next episode, the OTP might finally start stepping towards being an OTP. Or will any progress be lost in all the misunderstandings … again.

As usual, I look forward to the next phase in mom and son’s relationship 🙂



Episode 11 Written Preview, c/o MinLyn from Soompi

No Ra declares a divorce, saying, “It’s all over!” Upon hearing this, Woo Chul feels his heart sinking.

Seeing No Ra and Woo Chul coming out of the cafe, Hyun Suk misunderstands and mistakenly assumes that their relationship has improved. So, Hyun Suk intends to distance himself from No Ra.

Meanwhile, Yi Jin, having seen No Ra and Hyun Suk behaving like friends as they converse in banmal, she is overcome by a strange feeling.

Sources  |  tvN DRAMA  |  Soompi, c/o MinLyn


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