Cha Seung Won Covers High Cut’s Vol. 159

A clean shaven Cha Seung Won is the cover boy of the next issue of High Cut, and he headed to Shanghai, China for his shoot.

Check out his spreads!




Source  |  StarIn



  • Beez says:

    He looks so good without the facial hair! Although, since I love Asian men with facial hair (I think it’s the pattern it grows without the neck yuck), I don’t think Cha being clean shaven is what I’m liking here. I think it’s the fact that usually his eyebrows look over plucked and greasy, but here they look more natural (although not really naturally like in his early roles) and thank goodness they’re dry!

  • susan says:

    I have to say he is all of that and more. His wife is a very lucky woman and he seems like a nice guy.

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