Flavour of the Week: Son Ho Joon

Remember Son Ho Joon as Haitai in Answer Me 1994? How about his role in the K-drama Coffee House? Yes, he was the manager at Seo Eun Young’s cafe. Goodness me, I didn’t even remember he played that role!

Son Ho Joon didn’t appear in another drama since Coffee House until Answer Me 1994 happen. I think his stardom was worth the wait! People remember him most as Haitai now. He recently finished filming Mrs Cop and I want to highlight him this week.

I’ve watched Mrs Cop only because of Son Ho Joon. He was not the main lead, but his pairing with Lee Da Hee is super cute. I love them both on screen! As a treat for those who have been following their love story, they finally gave us a gift we’ve been waiting to receive for 18 episodes. The Kiss. Note, not just one, but two kisses all within 2 minutes.

We all know how shy Son Ho Joon is. He isn’t your typical actor who is confident especially during interviews. But he’s slowly getting more comfortable now. I recently read an interview of Son Ho Joon and he stated that it was hard to look at Lee Da Hee after the kiss scene was shot. Awww. I wasn’t surprised he said this. However, I have discovered that this wasn’t his first time to film a kiss scene with Lee Da Hee. Watch this.

This was filmed one year ago! Son Ho Joon, you are so bashful! But still cute. No wonder, he naturally have chemistry with Lee Da Hee. They look good together as Jin Woo and Da Young. I enjoyed watching their relationship progress. It was slow but seeing Jin Woo smile more and more was worth it.

After Mrs Cop, watch out for Son Ho Joon’s movie with Kim Yoo Jung and Song Dong Il entitled Circle of Atonement.

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