“Twenty Again” Episode 12 Video & Written Previews

How many episodes does this show have? Because if you’re a fan of this OTP and have been waiting for their romance to kick in, then, you might hope this show might at least go up to 18 episodes. Heh. But it might finally happen in the next episode, but now that Hyun Suk might not be distancing himself from her, it’s No Ra who’s doing the pushing. How frustrating! But eh, at least now, she’s noticing him 😉



Episode 12 Video Preview Translation, c/o MinLyn from Soompi

Yi Jin: Okay, I will find out the real intention …

Woo Chul: So, Yi Jin is actually this kind of woman …

Yi Jin: What do you mean by this?

Min Soo: Whether the both of you want to divorce or not, it is your freedom, but you need to be responsible for Mom’s tuition fees!

Sang Ye (to No Ra): You can’t come?

Hyun Suk: Did No Ra say that she wants to quit her job at the office?

No Ra: Why is my heart beating so fast? Could it be there is something wrong with it?

Hyun Suk: I’m asking you what’s the meaning of these words?

Yi Jin: Kim Woo Chul Couple … They are no longer in a husband and wife relationship.

Hyun Suk: Has No Ra really decided on the divorce?

Woo chul: Cha Hyun Suk, this bastard, does he really like her?


Episode 12 Written Preview, c/o MinLyn

No Ra’s heart goes aflutter at the sight of Hyun Suk.

 After learning that Hyun Suk is helping to maintain her grandmother’s ddukbokki shop, No Ra begins to develop deeper feelings for him.

 On the other hand, Hyun Suk comes to know about No Ra’s divorce notarization.

 Thinking about what a hard time No Ra must have been going through during that time, it really pains Hyun Suk. So, Hyun Suk takes No Ra to the camp site, wanting to comfort her.

At the same time, No Ra comes to learn that Hyun Suk already knows about the matter with the divorce notarization.

Assuming that all of Hyun Suk’s actions and behavior is because he pities her, No Ra decides to quit her job at his office.

Sources  |  tvN DRAMA  |  Soompi, c/o MinLyn


  • Cheri Teleri says:

    OMG – those divorce papers better get signed & filed in the next 2 episodes. Really. That husband of hers has NEVER been a proper one at all and she deserves soooo much better. OK she deserves Hyun Suk – who most certainly deserves to be happy 😀
    I’m hoping this drama ends in a way that I won’t have to rant about for years to come….

  • Pin says:

    This drama is starting to be toooooo dragging

  • Moko says:

    I read reply88 is supposed to start on 30th ?so I’m guessing (hoping) we’re gonna get 16 eps! I think for once the romance pace is more “realistic” (If i just compare with Yong Pal, suddenly happen in like 5 eps lol) I think we’re too used to exagerated fast love stories that we got eager to see OTPs getting together lmao (ngl I’m dying to see NoRa and HyunSuk together) but I like that it’s normally settling in for once!

    • stuartjmz says:

      Thank you for confirming there almost certainly won’t be an extension. I hate them with a passion, have never seen one that worked, and DEFINITELY don’t want this Drama to have one.

      I like that so far it’s been much, much more about her, and her growth, than a romantic pairing. I’d be very, very happy for it to end with her divorced and starting the process of getting to know HC as a potential love interest. That would be a realistic and appropriate way for the story to “end”, for me.

  • NN says:

    Thanks for always posting up the previews in such a timely manner. Enjoying this drama a lot!

  • Miss Purple Lee says:

    Folks keep griping about how slow the plot development in this show but the thing is, this is about Nora’s everyday life. And just like everyone else’s everyday life, we don’t always get to experience earth-shattering, mind-blowing phenomenon daily. Maybe it’s just me, but I thoroughly enjoy those small, little sincere moments we’re getting. The happenings and characters feel real to me.

  • Jillian says:

    I love this show!
    Yes the romance does not pick up immediately but there is a valid reason for that.
    There are a lot of poignant moments that just grabs u and makes you fall for this show every
    Single episode.
    Love CJW and LSY😀😀😀

  • Mil says:

    Agree that this is more realistic . YP was too crazy fast to be believable . Love this drama.

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