“Twenty Again” Week Six Thoughts

We’ve finally got movement! YAY! And I’m not the only one rejoicing because after progressively getting lower in the last two weeks, the ratings made a sharp U-Turn in this episode.

Before I get into the romance, who else paused their video and clapped when No Ra pulled a Carly Simon and told Woo Chul about himself? Yes, you’re so vain, you asshole! Not only that, you have to learn to accept that other people have thoughts, feelings and desires that may differ from yours. Everything isn’t about what you want, you twit! And when will this fool finally recognize that No Ra has a mind of her own and most of all, is intelligent and capable? Stop being eternally dismissive and attributing everything she does to someone else! This guy has too much screen time. Ugh. I hope we see less of him next week.

Just as I expected, the divorce didn’t go through this week but I’m glad that No Ra is firm in her conviction. At the start of the show, I very much expected Woo Chul to have a change of heart and attempt to block the divorce but I thought she’d struggle with a choice between following her heart andstaying married for her child. But that doesn’t seem to be the case at all which means we just might be spared some of the cliche romantic angst.

As much as I dislike Woo Chul, I have to credit him for doing his job as a second lead by pushing the OTP closer together.

No Ra doesn’t come home so he writes a drama in his head that places her at Hyun Suk’s. It’s funny and telling how he never thinks to contact Yoon Young. I loved this because of the wonderful scene it lead to. I’m not even thinking of the cliche moment where the OTP’s proximity led to the awakening of her feelings – which I was glad for – but I really like their scene at the sauna. I have to admit that I sometimes get tired of their bickering that leads to nowhere but really enjoyed this one. Was it because she knew he was lying about not getting the file or that she teased him about being a man who couldn’t be trusted with Seung Hyun?

The next time Woo Chul came through for us was even more awesome! While he refuses to let it get through his thick skull that she genuinely wants the divorce, I loved that he immediately ran to Hyun Suk and finally let him know that No Ra wasn’t fighting for her marriage. Now we can move on from his pure love antics to his confession.

What I didn’t like was how “on the nose” the writer was about Hyun Suk vs Woo Chul. I know that there might be some people who would want a family to stay together but having Woo Chul always remind us that Hyun Suk’s feelings ran deeper was a little annoying to me.

We can see it so we don’t need the antagonist to repeatedly remind us. Unless this somehow leads to an unselfish, enlightened moment where he finally understands that No Ra is better off away from him.

Kim Yi Jin. I very rarely have sympathy for women who date married men but I have to say that each week, I increasingly feel bad for her.

As we all know, when Woo Chul learned that No Ra was working at a convenience store, he saw red because of how it would make him look and not about the fact that she had to spend her evenings standing up and attending to customers (not that there’s anything wrong with this honest job).

It’s the same with Yi Jin. He never loved her – in fact, I don’t think he’s loved anyone but himself – and now that he’s doing things behind her back (and without her help) and even considering another university, she’s of little use to him. So it will be easy for him to toss her aside.

I usually think of women who date married men hoping for a ‘happily ever after’ with them as dumb, desperate and delusional because while some of these men leave their wives, many others don’t.

But with a notarized document as proof, Yi Jin really thought that they were in it together and took steps to make him someone that her father would accept so that they could get married.

However, she’s learned that he’s been feeding her a steady diet of lies.

She’s pretty good at putting two and two together so I hope she soon discovers everything he’s doing. She needs to learn that he’s just keeping her in the mix till he can cut her loose.

Woo Chul is beyond greedy and selfish and if he stays the course, will soon be left with nothing. His son is pretty much done with him and Yi Jin just might cut him loose. What I really want is for him to get fired from Woocheon for his secret dealings and not get hired by Jahcheon University.

Enough about him.

It was another good week for No Ra. In addition to reasserting her independence, she also got to reexamine her opinion of Hyun Suk.

I disliked how easily she fell for Woo Chul’s lie but loved that it didn’t drag on for long. There was nothing unique or creative about how she began to react to Hyun Suk and reexamine her feelings for him but I was glad it happened. It was about time she learned about everything else he’d done for her and her family. I don’t think this will necessarily make her love him more but help her better understand who he is especially now that he’s clarified that his deeds aren’t borne out of pity.

It seemed a little quick but with only four episodes left, I loved that he didn’t hesitate to let her know how he felt once he realized that she was more single than previously thought.

One thing I enjoyed about the fights this week was that his words came back to bite his ass for a bit. There should be consequences to being mean as a defense mechanism.

While “You’re So Vain” is Woo Chul’s theme song, I hope “To Be Loved” by Jackie Wilson soon becomes No Ra’s. She’s grown so much and become the woman she was meant to be and now, all I need from her is to both experience and embrace romantic love. And from the way she wistfully looks at happy couples, I think it’s something she desires.

Who else cheered when the ladies chatted? Yi Jin’s stalking exposed her identity to No Ra and our heroine took it in stride.

No Ra’s cool reaction humbled the professor and forced her to realize that Woo Chul has been playing games. I wonder if part of his allure was that he was another woman’s and now, irrespective of his lies, No Ra’s lack of interest in him makes him less attractive. Or it could just be the typical mistress who’d believed her boyfriend’s disdainful opinion of his wife only to be confronted with a different reality.

The funny part is that Woo Chul was being truhtful at first but his most recent lies cast doubt on everything he’s said.

Now that No Ra no longer needs to wait for the divorce and knows Hyun Suk’s feelings, what will she do? I’m not sure that I want her to jump into a relationship with him yet but at least now she knows he’s an option.

Weasel Chul ripped up the contract but I hope No Ra has a copy. He’s obviously not going to make it easy for her to leave but he can’t force her to stay married to him and I’m looking forward to how she beats him. I just hope this divorce doesn’t get finalized later than Episode 14.

Feelings have begun to build between our OTP so I hope we get some romance (and not just Hyun Suk being awesome with sneaky camping trips) next week. Let’s get those kisses out of Woo Chul’s head and onto our screens.

Till next week.


  • Rowanmdm says:

    Nora does have her own copy. The contract she pulled out at her “Let’s get divorced now” lunch date had a stamp seal on the middle right edge of the paper while the one Woochul tore up had that stamp on the left edge.

    I would like to poin out that Hyemi is MUCH less annoying this week. For the first time her complaints to Minsoo about their relationship and his distraction were actually reasonable instead of selfish manipulation.

  • houstontwin says:

    The actor who plays Woo Chul seems to specialize in neurotic or even psychotic characters. He does a great job! I wonder what he could do with other kinds of roles.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      He’s definitely a versatile actor. He did a pretty good job as one of the few sane parents in Heirs.

    • Ivoire says:

      Aaaaand he was excellent in the drama Three Days. He was the main antagonist there, and he was very good.
      I was quite surprised, especially because he had been in Heirs before that drama, and he had been sweet and was a good dad in it.

    • mary of bethany says:

      Houstontwin, Clockwatcher, Ivoire, few weeks before appearing as WC. Choi Won Young mades not a few of us, sympathized with Psychopath, and find them charming even, even secretly wish for a milder sentence for him, not angered even as he escaped unscathed in at open-endings, even when he can murdered many bad parents and vanished their corpses…. his is a korean equivalent of Anthony Hopkins in Silent of the Lambs….
      and we all will remember his “I Remember you”, for a long time.

  • Jillian says:

    I could watch this episode over and over again. Thats how much i loved it!!!!

  • mary of bethany says:

    The whole confession was not done to proof himself, to gain something finally for himself, or to make his feeling known…. Even while saying “I like you”, it’s not because he wants her to like him back. It’s merely to justify that whatever he did, the “the caring, the bucket lists… buying granny shop, the secret sneaking around, job offered…. Has nothing whatsoever to do with chivalry out of empathy towards her plight, nor should she feel burdened by his sacrifice, as its certainly not out of responsibilities towards an old friend. His “fairy god-oppa” act over Bucket list even if done out of sympathy for her, is borne from the “heartbreaking” pity over a treasured one’s seeming soon departure. The fact that he stated that he meant to keep the Treasure Box as a secret forever, but revealed it now, wasn’t meant for the sake of grabbing a chance to use it to win her affection. It’s not a nonsensical whining he feared, but her retreating to wallowed in contrite over a wasted life, furthered succumbed to fate in her prolonged indignity, ultimately mortified by allowing someone she started to treasured to see her demoralized state, to let her have some raising hope of finding true love, then smashed it is even more cruel than not giving her any hope. To erase even the last speck of doubts, he let her know that he loved her, not so much as want her love back, but to remind her, because she was such an awesome person worthy to be loved for 20 good years.
    they each deserve that redemption, depraved of 20 years, each can only be made complete in the other.
    Writer, since you have wrote them so well, beget them to such depth and height, you owe it to them, to make them complete by 16 ep, before credits roll. A sincere plea from all of us.

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