“She Was Pretty” Episode 8 Preview

Apparently, as Sung Joon falls deeper for Hye Jin, Ha Ri gets more desperate and despicable. I am tired of telling this girl to get it together but I’m sure she’ll soon learn a lesson.

Even worse, Shin Hyuk falls for Hye Jin and we learn that his dongsaeng wasn’t even human. Say what? This dude is a lost cause. It’s my fault for taking him seriously in the first place.

This is a fun drama but I hope we don’t soon reach the point where this secret feels like it’s been dragged on for too long.

I know everyone keeps hoping someone is honest with our lead but it’s not a drama if Sung Joon doesn’t find out from other sources to maximize the angst and drama. The same goes for Ha Ri and Hye Jin but I think Ha Ri confessing the truth to her friend can still lead to tons of conflict and angst.

Credit: mbc

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