“She Was Pretty” Week Four Thoughts

At the halfway point, I still care more about these characters’ individual journeys than the eventual romantic pairing. And while this show is cliche, I really like how these familiar scenes are written here.

What happened this week?

For starters, what a bunch of morons. Lovable, sweet and kind but morons they all are.

The problem with Sung Joon in this drama is that characters like Han Kang of 49 Days exist. When male leads [SPOILER ALERT] recognize their childhood crush’s spirit in another body [/SPOILER], it’s hard not to be disappointed in Sung Joon for acting like a real person.

I think that a lot of people were ready to skin Ha Ri alive last week but I think we can all agree that Sung Joon is unintentionally playing a pivotal role in his own demise.

He’s still stuck in the fantasy that he’s supposed to be with Hye Jin that he’s forcing himself to commit to their relationship despite not being happy.

I loved. LOVED. LOVED the soulmates dinner. We have these big moments in dramas where a guy rummages through poop to find a woman’s ID but it’s the little scenes where two people spend the night talking that get me. I will say I don’t ship any couples here but this was my favorite scene this week. And this is why our dear Sung Joon is a moron.

He’s back again to getting confused by her because she’s so much like his first love but I want his angst to stem from the fact that he connects to her so much despite not being the Hye Jin he’s supposed to be with. Yes, that’s definitely part of it but I wish they’d stop giving us scenes that parallel her to her younger self unless he’s finally connecting the dots. Yes, right? I can’t be the only one who thought he was about to figure it out but nope. That just led to him getting upset and taking his anger out on her.

Why is she ruining his plans? Why is she invading his thoughts? Why is she pushing him off course? Bro, why don’t you just STFU? All she’s doing is being herself. It’s not her fault that you’re so obsessed with your childhood that everything she says that reminds you of your first love sends you into a tailspin.

And when he’s with the woman he believes he should love and she asks him if he likes her for her present or past, he can’t man up. This was the moment I stopped blaming Ha Ri because she was willing to turn away at an unfavorable response but he took her to a place from “their” past. What an obsessed blockhead. He still wasn’t hearing her – not clearly anyway. And even when he drew over that carving to represent their present selves, he still wasn’t hearing her clearly because he simply connected their past to their present.

I’m being hard on him but I understand why it’s impossible to let go of their past because for a time, she was the only light in his otherwise dark world. And he certainly wouldn’t be losing his mind now had Hye Jin been honest with him in the first place.

There wasn’t as much Ha Ri this week but I liked what I saw. The kiss was terrible but I didn’t hate it as it was her attempt at honesty in a dishonest relationship. However, despite how tightly she holds onto this fake love, she still isn’t happy. Deep in her heart, she knows the relationship doesn’t feel right especially when Sung Joon’s lips say one thing but his eyes, another. He tells her that he enjoyed the movie because she was with him but he wasn’t with her as his mind was elsewhere.

And she can’t even be happy when her friend expresses joy at her newly found love because she’s living a lie.

As mentioned, I got off Ha Ri’s case the moment Sung Joon refused to be honest with her but I was back to blaming her when Hye Jin opened up to her about the termination. She cried on her shoulder, expressing how sorry she was but all I could think was that if she were a true friend, this would have been the perfect time to come clean.

She’s apologetic and acknowledges that she’s in the wrong but is too selfish to stop despite knowing that Sung Joon would treat her friend differently if he knew who she were.

Hye Jin said that she feels like there’s a one-way mirror between her and Sung Joon because can see him but he can’t see her. From her perspective, it looks that way but I don’t think him not knowing she’s the Hye Jin should prevent him from seeing her the way Shin Hyuk does.

He shouldn’t like her because of their past but despite it because he should love who she is and not who she was. However, the viewers know that Sung Joon really does see her and connects her with their past but I hope that she realizes that any one-way mirror between them was placed there by her initial lie.

She certainly did not deserve to be lambasted by him but when will this woman start standing up to the pooping girl? Surely, her boss’s order to protect the dress was more important than her car so I can’t understand why she left it. The model was wrong for wearing the dress but she was also wrong for leaving it in the first place.

But hello, does it really make sense for a photo shoot to be cancelled over a rip that could be easily hidden? And speaking of which, I’ve never heard of an organization dissolving a unit for being second in sales.

Sung Joon went on a rampage after the irrational call from New York so me thinks that if the results aren’t better next month, he’d probably kill the entire staff before their unit is officially dissolved.

Shin Hyuk is like the fairy godfather here except he’s the one granted wishes. I feel duped for caring that he’d lost a dongsaeng and I don’t know if I feel bad about his unrequited love. Is it because he’s too silly? Like Sung Joon, I am sick of his pantie joke.

Hye Jin is his priority so he threw down the gauntlet with Sung Joon (although I think he’ll easily step aside), told Ha Ri to ‘fess up and spent an afternoon cheering his friend up. I wanted something deeper for him but I suppose I will have to make do with this.

I would probably ship them if I thought they had more than a snowball’s chance in hell of ending up together.

We had the usual comedic scenes but as always, the gold is in the emotional ones.

The back-and-forth with the other potential job was extremely annoying but I suppose the writer wanted her to choose to return to The Most. I wish she hadn’t gone back but perhaps it would be a different drama then.

I don’t see why a makeover is necessary right now but perhaps it will become clear next week.

As for the young couple, how typical that he only liked her when she was a mess? They will probably end up together but I can’t say I’m rooting for them.

When will the truth be revealed? It won’t be a drama if either Hye Jin or Ha Ri confess so I wonder how Sung Joon will stumble upon it.

Till next week.


  • Gem says:

    You really like Ha-Ri, don’t you?? I guess majority was annoyed with Ha-Ri which blew up this week and at this point, really there’s no way to justify her in my opinion at least. Sung Joon has issues, issues he is at least trying to get over. He has a psychiatrist back in US and tries following his/her advice. You forgot that part. Also, he has had a very difficult childhood with serious mother died right in front my eyes in a car crash issues. While I don’t think that means he is doing right thing by trying to follow his initial plans, it also give him a pass because lies weren’t started by him. Hye Jin started it, Ha-Ri is keeping it up behind her back to the point where she stole her puzzle piece and gave it back. As for firing Hye Jin, damaging a couture gown is a huge mistake in fashion world and this one was custom made and on loan to them. And the magazine has lost its position for a while and Sung Joon had improved the results but the figures aren’t still good enough. The print industry is suffering world wide, so I don’t blame them for not giving details about corporate figures in a romantic comedy. I still adore Shin Hyuk. He is so far trying to do what’s right. Hye-Jin’s make over, I actually like it. I like it because there’s nothing wrong with a woman trying to look good and appropriately dress for a job when I do the same, people I know do the same. How you carry yourself through out the day while you work shows how you handle yourself even under pressure and its an unwritten guideline of propriety. I am glad she finally care enough to change it on her own and not because of some guy. And mad boss who take their anger out on stuff is a common issue everywhere, I’ve faced it myself. Sure, you don’t like to see it but it happens. I can’t wait for next week. Here’s hoping Ha-Ri finds a way to fess up and Sung Joon finds his common sense.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I try to understand Ha Ri because she’s struggling. I don’t hate that she kissed him but dislike that she still hasn’t confessed to her friend. That bothers me more than her fake relationship.

      And yeah, I’m hard on Sung Joon but I agree that he’s a victim of the lie. But I really dislike his behavior at work.

  • Beez says:

    Agreed CK. There is never an excuse to be abusive to any human being just because you wield power over them. I’d rather see a calm “you’re fired” than yelling and disrespectful behavior (i.e., I’m royalty and you’re not worthy of basic civility). As to the disappearing job – I think Sung jeon had something to do with that. Remember Ha Rye Im told him the offer came from her previous manager who works for Song jeon. So I think the renege and then re-offer is Sung jeon who feels he can’t apologize and beg her to come back to work.

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