“Twenty Again” Week Seven Thoughts

The show is drawing to a close so it’s time to wrap things up. This sometimes feels like a Japanese drama to me and I wonder if it’s because of its lack of melodrama.

We got two great things this week: the divorce and a proper confession… I hope.

“A proper confession…I hope?” Because I honestly thought we got one last week but since they have to drag this out for as long as possible, No Ra interpreted his feelings as past tense and began to get jealous of Sang Ye.

The main reason this romance – if we can call it that – has begun to annoy me is that it sometimes appears to go in circles to ensure minimal forward movement. With that said, we’ve only got one week left so let’s hope it ends well.

It was cute how happy Hyun Suk was when he realized how No Ra felt about him. He was somewhat aware that she brushed her fingers through his hair, right?

I am not a fan of a character telling their love interest how they feel so I wasn’t fully satisfied with the final scene of Episode 14. At this point, Hyun Suk is a wish-fulfillment character so I suppose I should be glad that he at least did something I didn’t like.

It’s not that I’m entirely tired of the story but I know this guy is an amazing guy who will do anything for No Ra’s happiness but I felt they went a little overboard with another scene of her being sick (and him taking care of her) and him finding her a new job. It’s like, we’ve long since gotten the message and they are just hitting us over the head with it at this point.

Not to say that these scenes weren’t well integrated, after all, the “sick” scene advanced the romantic plot as did the new job but still. I wish the writer were a little more creative and everything wasn’t so repetitive.

Everyone knows Woo Chul is the worst so I wonder why they still piled on more this week. At this point, I think the writer just loves writing for the actor.

We learned that he’d put his career ahead of No Ra’s relationship with her grandmother and the revelation of this secret forced him to give in to the divorce.

I’m sick of the guy so how I wish we weren’t  going into the final week with him still pursuing No Ra.

I fully expected him to drop Yi Jin the second he had no use for her but I thought she’d get to do it first. But there’s all this blackmail shenanigans now and it seems that her final week will be about exacting revenge on him and possibly falling flat on her face and paying for her sins. Boring.

While the characters are funny (who else laughed at Woo Chul showing off his sexy back?), I currently find their scenes pointless and a waste of screen time. I think it’s pretty telling that they both had fantasy scenes written in to add spice.

Speaking of boring, Hye Mi and Min Soo. At this point, the only thing I see linking these two are raging hormones. They are always fighting and don’t seem to share the same values so I hope their breakup sticks. He’s clearly someone who can’t balance a romantic life with school work if he’s flunking his first year and she clearly needs someone who wants a bigger social life.

I like that Min Soo has grown and loved how he didn’t let his father use him to manipulate his mom and instead, backed her up.

Sang Ye has always confused me and although I found her jealous act rather unneeded and late in the game, I’m glad that they are at least resolving it. How I wish she’d had more presence on the show.

This has been No Ra’s journey about finally grabbing her life with her own two hands. We can bitch about how controlling Woo Chul was and how he kept her ignorant and isolated but the truth is that she shares some of the blame. Her life only began to change when she was motivated to take action and since then, the scales fell from her eyes and the world has opened up to her.

Thus, I hope the romance evolves the same way. Not Hyun Suk playing the tired White Knight but No Ra deciding how she feels, choosing where she wants to work and if she wants to spend her time in love.

On another note, how crazy is it that after thirteen episodes about this divorce, we never saw them file the papers?

As the show wraps up, all I want is for No Ra to finally open up to her friends. Perhaps the “life moment” scene for Hyun Suk’s class will be it.

Till next week.


  • Mil says:

    As much as I’ve liked this drama – I have this fear she will end on her own showing her independence – when I want her to be in the happy romance. Since he is selling her store to pay his blackmailers- she will have to work.

  • Gail Lockman says:

    I am enjoying this series. I think every character contributes something to the whole. It is interesting how each character is developing. It feels like French film, slow with lots of talking. I’m always surprised by how much goes on in each program. I think the reviewer is looking for something different than what is there. I have found that reviewers are not always the best judge of a film or tv series because they have preconceived notions of what they think they want to see.

  • NN says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this week’s installments. I like your take on it.

  • Jillian says:

    I love the pace of the show. Its realistic. The characters are also very relatable.
    Yes the romance may not be as fast as some shows. But thats what makes it endearing and realistic.
    You cannot jump from one relationship to another and expecting it to be meaningful.
    HS was very respectful of her marriage and of her wants and needs. so he didnt pull any stunts and mess things up for her.
    He was giving her space to decide for herself on what she wants to do with her life. I think thats very admirable and gentlemanly of him.
    I love this drama. I feel sad it will end this week. TEAM NR and HS!!!!

  • stuartjmz says:

    Did I completely misunderstand it, or did worm of a husband actually sell her store to pay the blackmailers? If he did, that’s a new low, even for him, and I hope he suffers some consequences for that breach of contract.

  • mary of bethany says:

    Flashing Hyun Suk’s signature angelic boyish chuckle lighted up this whole drama, accompanied by those dimples that awed many. He beamed like a teen discovered his lost fav football all along under his bed, when he discovered his prized possession namely the love of a woman he never expected himself to ever own. I for one, loved the precious moments in a drama where the OTP first discovered their own feelings stirred and owned by the other OTP. Especically when it is an unrequited love, when the guy first realised his one sided love, and accept it raw and honest as it is, when a person become selfless, the transformation of characters become heart-rendingly beautiful. Nothing can redeem someone deep in unrequited love for a long time, than the realization that finally even when he doesn’t expect any reciprocate of his love, his precious one did after all loved him. These are always those moment in a KD that decides whether find strength in our real life when facing our very own relationship problems, these moments inspired us.
    when we found HS finally grin in such satisfaction and unbelief that Nora do loved him, you want to sincerely pray in your life, that in this real world may all the HS who loved their Noras dearly can be comforted like HS did, finally loved by their Nora.

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